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Joseph Leatherbarrow

1856 - 17th Jun 1906

Life History


Born in Little Crosby.

7th Dec 1876

Married Mary Latham in Little Crosby.


Birth of daughter Mary Leatherbarrow.


Birth of son Edward A Leatherbarrow.

about 1883

Birth of son William Leatherbarrow.

about 1885

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Leatherbarrow.

about 1887

Birth of son Harry Leatherbarrow.


Birth of daughter Anne Theresa Leatherbarrow.

about 1891

Birth of daughter Margaret Leatherbarrow.

about 1893

Birth of daughter Margary Leatherbarrow.

about 1895

Birth of son Joseph Leatherbarrow.


Birth of daughter Alice Leatherbarrow.


Birth of son Thomas Leatherbarrow.

about 1900

Birth of daughter Agnes Leatherbarrow.

17th Jun 1906

Died in Little Crosby.


In the 1871 census Joseph is recorded as Joshy Leatherbarrow, in his parents' house next door to his future wife Mary.

The Marriage Certificate

The two witnesses are Mary's brother, Henry, and Joseph's sister, Ann.


In the 1881 census

Joseph LeatherbarrowHead24Shepardb. Lanc Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowWife21b. Lanc Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowDau2b. Lanc Little Crosby
Edward A. LeatherbarrowSon4 mb. Lanc Little Crosby
Margaret A. GraceBoarder8Scholarb. Lanc Liverpool

In the 1891 census

Joseph LeatherbarrowHead34Carter Horseb. Lancashire, Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowWife31ditto ditto
Edward LeatherbarrowSon10Scholarditto ditto
Willie LeatherbarrowSon9Scholarditto ditto
Elisabeth LeatherbarrowDaur5Scholarditto ditto
Ann T LeatherbarrowDaur3ditto ditto
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur1ditto ditto
Ann GeoghyanBoarder9Scholarditto Liverpool
Alice BakerBoarder10Scholarditto Liverpool

In the 1901 census

Joseph LeatherbarrowHead44Ordinary Agricultural Labourerb. Lancs Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowWife40ditto Liverpool
William LeatherbarrowSon18Gardener Domestic Servantditto Little Crosby
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur10ditto Little Crosby
Margary LeatherbarrowDaur8ditto Little Crosby
Joseph LeatherbarrowSon6ditto Little Crosby
Henry LeatherbarrowSon4ditto Little Crosby
Thomas LeatherbarrowSon3ditto Little Crosby
Agnes LeatherbarrowDaur11 mthsditto Little Crosby
Peter Altyboarder40Ordinary Agricultural Labourerditto West Derby

From freeBMD

Birth: Dec 1856, Leatherbarrow, Joseph, W.Derby 8b 353
Marriage: Dec 1876, Leatherbarrow, Joseph, West Derby 8b 915
Marriage: Dec 1876, Latham, Mary, West Derby 8b 915

Inscription taken from grave headstone:

Jesus have mercy, Mary help
of your charity pray
for the repose of the soul of
Joseph Leatherbarrow
who died 17th June 1906,
aged 49 years.
Also Margery daughter of the above
who died 11th Mar 1909
aged 16 years.
Also Edward son of the above
who died May 20th 1920
aged 39 years.
Also Mary, beloved wife of the above Joseph
who died July 11th 1939,
aged 77 years.