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Mary Latham

Mary Leatherbarrow
The above photo is a 'calling card photo' (also known as a CdV or Carte de Visite).
The photographer, William Venmore, was listed in a directory of photographers in 1900, at 63 Bold Street (but was not there two years before, in 1898).
By 1908 he had moved to 120a Bold Street.
The photo was probably taken in the early 1900's when Mary would be about 40.

1862 - 11th Jul 1939

Life History

29th April, 1862

Born in Liverpool.

7th Dec, 1876

Married Joseph Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby.


Birth of daughter Mary.


Birth of son Edward A.


Birth of son William John.


Birth of daughter Elizabeth .


Birth of daughter Anne Theresa.


Birth of daughter Margaret.


Birth of daughter Margary.


Birth of son Joseph.


Birth of son Harry.


Birth of son Thomas.


Birth of daughter Agnes.


Birth of daughter Alice.

17th Jun, 1906

Death of Joseph Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby.

11th Mar, 1909

Death of daughter Margary.

20th May, 1920

Death of son Edward A.

11th Jul, 1939



The Leatherbarrows were wheelwrights and also made coffins.

Mary was the 'hatcher and dispatcher' of Little Crosby (midwife and undertaker).

Mary's grand-daughter said that Mary had 14 children. We have records for 12, so presumably she lost two at birth or soon after.

Throughout her life she smoked Woodbines.

Mary's Birth Certificate

When I started this family tree, MaryDrewry, née Vose, told me that her grandmother, this Mary, who married Joseph Leatherbarrow, was Mary Wharton. The marriage certificate told me that her name was Latham. The censuses gave me her age (incorrect in the marriage certificate!) and I uncovered three possible Mary Lathams born in the area at the right time. The following certificate looks to be the most likely, given that the mother was born a Wharton.

Interestingly, in the 'Informant' box, it is Mary's mother who makes her mark, rather than her father.
As a carter, he may have been away from home.

In the 1871 census

[2nd April, 1871] Mary, who is nearly 10, is staying with her grandmother, who is also looking after 3 other grandchildren. I have assumed that Henry and William are her brothers, but might be cousins, children of her uncle Peter. Mary Jones is her cousin, probably the daughter of Margaret Latham. It might be that the above birth certificate is incorrect, and Mary is the daughter of Peter.

Henry Latham66HeadFarmer 45 Acres Employing 2 Men, b. Lathom
Mary Latham67Wifeb. Little Crosby
Peter Latham28SonAg. Lab.b. Little Crosby
Emma Latham25Daughter-in-lawb. Seaforth
Mary Jones16Granddaughterb. Liverpool
Mary Latham9Granddaughterb. Liverpool, Lancashire
Henry Latham6Grandsonb. Liverpool
William Latham2Grandsonb. Little Crosby
Mark Keine30Farm Servantb. Ireland
David Miller20 Farm Servantb. Ireland

It is worth noting that in the 1871 Census, Mary's future husband, Joseph Leatherbarrow, is recorded in the next-door dwelling in Little Crosby.

The Marriage Certificate

On the 7th December, 1876, Mary Latham is 14 years and 8 months.
In her marriage certificate, Mary is recorded as aged 17, and her husband as 19.
While Joseph may have been telling the truth, Mary was not. Since this was probably a criminal offence, Mary keeps up the pretence in later censuses. At her death, her true age is recorded.
(In the censuses, Mary claims her birth place as Little Crosby. Is this also part of the deception?)

The marriage is witnessed by Henry Latham (her brother?) and Ann Leatherbarrow (his sister?).

In the 1881 Census, on April 3rd, (in Joseph's page), Mary is 21 years old. Her birthplace is recorded, incorrectly, as Little Crosby.

In the 1891 Census (April 5th), Mary is 31 years old. Again, born in Little Crosby.

In the 1901 Census (March 31st), Mary is 40, and born in Liverpool.

In the 1911 Census (April 2nd) In 'The Village',

Mary LeatherbarrowHead52Widow (14 children born alive; 11 still alive.); b. not stated
Edward Leatherbarrowson30singleHorseman on Farmb. Little Crosby
Theresa Leatherbarrowdaughter22singleGeneral Servant (Domestic)b. Little Crosby
Margaret Leatherbarrowdaughter20singleGeneral Servant (Domestic)b. Little Crosby
Joseph Leatherbarrowson16singleGardener (Domestic)b. Little Crosby
Henry Leatherbarrowson14Boy on Farmb. Little Crosby
Thomas Leatherbarrowson12School boyb. Little Crosby
Agnes Leatherbarrowdaughter10School girlb. Little Crosby
Alice Leatherbarrowdaughter8School girlb. Little Crosby

Mary Leatherbarrow

From freeBMD

Birth: Jun 1862, Latham, Mary, Liverpool 8b 67

Marriage: Dec 1876, Latham, Mary, W. Derby 8b 915
Marriage: Dec 1876, Leatherbarrow, Joseph, W Derby 8b 915

Death: Sep 1939, Leatherbarrow, Mary, 77, Crosby 8b 634


Mary is buried in Little Crosby in the same grave as her husband, Joseph, her daughter, Margery, and her son Edward.

Inscription taken from grave headstone:

Jesus have mercy, Mary help
of your charity pray
for the repose of the soul of
Joseph Leatherbarrow
who died 17th June 1906,
aged 49 years.
Also Margery daughter of the above
who died 11th Mar 1909
aged 16 years.
Also Edward son of the above
who died May 20th 1920
aged 39 years.
Also Mary, beloved wife of the above Joseph
who died July 11th 1939,
aged 77 years.

I originally believed that Mary was born in Little Crosby.

The copies of two birth certificates below are for Mary Lathams born in the Little Crosby area.

From freeBMD - Birth: Dec 1860, Latham, Mary, West Derby 8b 331

From freeBMD - Birth: Dec 1862 Latham, Mary, W Derby 8b 427