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Laurentia Buschman

1808 - Mar 1875

Life History

2nd Jan 1808

Born in Surinam.

11th Nov 1835

Married Charles Stewart Drewry.


Birth of son William Tillotson Drewry in Marylebone, Middlesex.

Dec 1838

Birth of son Charles Stewart Drewry.

12th Jan 1841

Birth of daughter Edith Stewart Drewry in 11, Cambridge St., Hyde Park, London.

28th Jan 1841

Death of son Charles Stewart Drewry in 11, Cambridge Street, Hyde Park, London.

7th Dec 1842

Birth of son Charles Stewart Drewry in Notting Hill.

24th Nov 1845

Birth of daughter Georgina Drewry in London, Middlesex.


Birth of daughter Laurentia Drewry in London, Middlesex.


Birth of daughter Emily Drewry in London, Middlesex.

Mar 1875

Died in Kensington.


Lutheran Baptism, 03 Feb 1808 of Laurentje Buschman,

born 2 Jan to Marjorin Elizabeth Bijval;
no father listed.
Godfather was E. Matroos.

Charles and Laurentia's Marriage record The witnesses at the marriage of Charles and Laurentia were:

Richard Hardinge Stewart
Frances Matson Runciman (one of Sophia Runciman’s sisters)
Amelia Buschman

Note that the witnesses are from the three families which this generation is connected by marriage.

The Buschman Connections

From a census record we know that Laurentia is sister to Amelia Buschman, but the other relationships to the Buschmans shown here are yet to be confirmed. However it does seem likely that Laurentia is sister to Caroline Buschman (daughter of John Buschman, esq. of Surinam), which then suggests the other family members.

Some coincidences?

Charles Stewart Drewry and Richard Hardinge Stewart, who are almost certainly cousins (see The Stewart/Runciman Connection) both marry Buschmans:
Charles married Laurentia Buschman; Richard married Caroline Buschman.
(Both marriages are in St Pancras)

Richard's marriage to Caroline is witnessed by T J Buschman and Maria E Buschman.

Richard and Caroline named two daughters Laurentia and Amelia. It seems likely they are named for the two sisters Laurentia and Amelia Buschman. The third daughter is named Caroline.

In 1832, Richard and Caroline give a son the name Henry Tillotson.
In 1837, Charles and Laurentia name their first born son William Tillotson. (This must have been in memory of Charles' brother, William Tillotson who died in 1835.)

Theodore John Buschman married Jane Runciman in 1823.
Two of the witnesses were Maria Buschman and Amelia Buschman.
(Charles Stewart Drewry and Richard Hardinge Stewart are probably cousins via connections to the Runciman Family.)

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Death: Mar 1875 - Drewry Lawrentia, 67, Kensington, 1a 17

Other Buschman Census Records

Possibly related

In the 1841 census, a Buschman family is living in Brompton Row, Kensington.
Could they be relations? or is it possibly just an interesting coincidence!
(Could Charles be an uncle?)

Jane Reeve40Ind.
Mary Hatchwell40Ind.
Charles Buschman50Ind.b. in 'Foreign Parts'
Sarah Buschman30Ind.b. in 'Foreign Parts'
Martha Johnson35Ind.
Ann Sale20FS

Probably not related

In 1851, in Kings Langley, Hemel Hempstead

John Buschman33Head, Hay Binder b. St Albans, Hertfordshire
Mary Ann Buschman32Wifeb. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Mary Ann Buschman10b. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Hannah Buschman8b. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Susan Buschman6b. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Thomas Buschman4b. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Frederick Buschman1b. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Hannah Gurney25Relativeb. Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire

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Birth: Sep 1876, Anna Buschman, St George In The East, London 1c 393

Marriage: Mar 1882 Buschman Johanna Christine London C 1c 43

and in Pallot's Marriage Index:

Mary Buschman - Augustus Clarke, 1821, St. George In The East