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Emily Drewry

1848 - 6th Jun 1933

Life History

Emily Drewry Baptism


Born in London, Middlesex.

12 Oct 1849

Christened at Notting Hill

6th Jun 1933

Died in Richmond, Surrey


See also Georgina and her Sisters.

In the 1871 census, Emily is aged 22, Pianist, daughter of Charles Stewart, living at with her parents.

In the 1881 census, she is 32, and now called Amy, 'Pianist Professor Of Music'. She is still living at home with her father and her sisters

In the 1891 census, at 96 Gower Street, Emily is calling herself Ann Stuart, living with her sister Georgina (who also uses a pen-name - both names transcribed incorrectly):

Ida S CarrelisHead32Author, Dramatist, JournalistKensington, London
Anne StuartVisitor26Professional PianistKensington, London
Catherine S McEnnisServant40HousekeeperDublin, Ireland

In 1894, Emily, advertises herself as Aimée Stewart, a pianist seeking engagements. Her address is 96, Gower Street (Bloomsbury).

In the 1901 census, Emily is incorrectly recorded as Annie Stewart, living with her sister, Georgina, at 30, Great Queen Street, St Giles in the Fields and St George, Bloomsbury.
[The record contains a number of transcription errors]

Annie StewartHeadSingle36 Professor of Music (Author)b. Kensington, London
Mateon CassilisSisterSingle38Novelist, Dramatist, Journalistb. Kensington, London
Violet M M DrewryNieceSingle14b. Brixton, London
Gibbs, ElizabethServantSingle32Domestic Servantb. Swindon, Wiltshire

In the 1911 census at 250, Portsdown Road, Maida Vale:

Ina Leon Cassilis HeadSingle66Dramatic, Author, Novelistb. London, Kensington
Aimée StewartSisterSingle62Pianist, Novelistb. London, Kensington
Anne WallisServantSingle58General Servant Domesticb. Essex, Braintree

All four sisters appear to be living at 250, Portsdown Road in 1911.

In the 1921 census at 250, Portsdown Road, Maida Vale:

Ina Leon Cassilis HeadSingle76 yrs 6 m.Novelist and Dramatistb. London, Kensington
Aimée StewartSisterSingle72 yrs 6 m.Professional Pianistb. London, Kensington


Emily - Probate

Violet Maud Mary Roberts is Emily's niece, daughter of Emily's brother, William Tillotson Drewry.

While the above Probate record gives Emily's year of death as 1932, the General Register Office (GRO) gives the year as 1933.

The Stewart Connection and Hints regarding other Genealogy issues

Aimee_Stewart_biography_1.jpg The advert on the right appeared in the 'Liverpool Mercury', 16th November, 1897.

The advert was accompanied by the article below:


This article corroborates the story in the Kanssen Family Notes that:
"Col. Stewart & his brother - the father of Mrs William Runciman - fought for Prince Charles Edward (Bonnie Prince Charlie). "
[Drummossie Muir is also known as Culloden Moor]

This mini-biography also appears to confirm our belief that Mrs William Runciman (née Catherine Barbara Stewart) was sister to Mary Ann Stewart, the wife of Samuel Drewry and paternal grandmother to Emily.

Emily's grandfather, John Buschman was German - the nationality given by Majorin in the immigration record when she came to England. It is possible that Laurentia Buschman, Emily's mother, had concealed her african and slave ancestry, passing herself of as of Spanish and German descent. It is interesting that no mention is made regarding Dutch ancestry.

Emily's claim to having "Irish blood" is also interesting.
Could this claim be a clue to Emily's sister Georgina's choice of pen-name 'Cassilis'?
In A yrshire, Scotland, Cassilis was the main seat of the Kennedy clan, who may have had family links to Brian Boru, King of Ireland. [Source] Perhaps the Irish link is Mary Stewart's mother. Or could it be a reference to Laurentia's grandfather (whom we have assumed is Beeldsnijder).

Pianist and Teacher

Aimee_Stewart_advert1894.jpg Emily studied piano with Oscar Beringer.

Oscar Beringer (b. Furtwangen, 1844; d. London, 1922) was an "English pianist and composer whose family settled in England in 1849. He made his début at 15, then studied further in Leipzig and Berlin before returning to England, where he taught at his own academy (1873-97) and at the Royal Academy of Music."
[Oxford Grove Music Encyclopedia])

Amy_Stewart_Pianoforte_1875.jpg Emily also studied with a Herr Saverbrey (about whom no further information found.)


Another (1885) cutting is shown at the bottom of this page and includes the following: "There was a sweetness and grace highly to be commended in Miss Amy Stewart's elegant rendering of the first movement of the Concerto .."


In 1905, Emily was still studying music and achieved high marks in the Trinity College music exam.

Interestingly, Emily is now referred to as 'Amy C. S. Drewry'


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Birth: Dec 1848, Kensington, 3, _52
Date for the Christening from IGI.
Death: Jun 1933, Drewry, Emily, 85, Richmond, 2a 608