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Theodore John Buschman

- Bef 1851

Life History


Born in Suriname

29th May 1823

Married Jane Runciman


Birth of daughter Jane Majorine Buschman

Before 1851

Died (before 1841?)


Theodore John is probably the eldest child. He is not living with the family in the 1811 census. He is old enough to have moved out or has not yet been born. If the latter is the case, then he became a father at a very young age.

In June, 1821 a Surinam Newspaper records TJ Buschman represented by E. Matroos
He must have left for England soon after since he married Jane Runciman in May, 1823.

In The Times, 27th June, 1823:


Theodore Buschman and Jane Runciman Marriage record The lists of witnesses to Theodore's marriage and other marriages suggests the strong relationships between the Buschmans we have included in the tree.

Theodore and Jane's Marriage and Witnesses, 1823:

The witnesses to the marriage of Theodore John Buschman and Jane Runciman were:

Sophia Runciman ( Jane's sister)
Charles Runciman (Jane's brother)
Maria Buschman
Amelia Buschman. (Laurentia Buschman's sister)
Richard Hardinge Stewart (married Caroline Buschman 3 years later.)

In The Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 16th August, 1824:


In The Times, 19th January, 1825:

TJBuschmanA Son.jpg

The witnesses to the marriage of Richard Hardinge Stewart and Caroline Buschman, in 1826 were:

Maria E Buschman
T J Buschman

The witnesses to the marriage of Charles Stewart Drewry and Laurentia Buschman, in 1835, were:

Richard Hardinge Stewart (husband of Caroline Buschman)
Frances Matson Runciman (sister of Jane Runciman)
Amelia Buschman (Laurentia's sister)

The witnesses to the marriage of John Buschman and Hannah Holloway, were:

C Stewart Drewry
C R Buschman (Caroline Rudolphine Buschman, John's daughter by a previous marriage).