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Catherine Barbara Stewart

1765 - 1830

Life History


Married William Runciman


Birth of son William Runciman


Birth of daughter Jane Runciman


Birth of son Charles Runciman in Covent Garden


Birth of daughter Cathe Moody Runciman

31st Jan 1798

Birth of daughter Mary Ann Runciman in Paddington, London


Birth of daughter Anne Runciman


Birth of daughter Sophia Runciman


Birth of daughter Elizabeth Runciman


Birth of daughter Frances Runciman


Birth of daughter Isabella Runciman

July 1817

Death of daughter Mary Ann Runciman in Paddington, London


Death of William Runciman in Woburn, Bedfordshire




Catherine's birthdate is derived from the The Marriage Allegation and is also based on the gift of the bowl to Catherine's mother by Lady Katherine, mentioned in the following 'Kanssen Family Notes'. Lady Katherine died in 1765.

Excerpt from Kanssen Family Notes

Transcribed from handwritten document (1927) by Mike Kanssen. (Thankyou Mike.) He says that the notes were written for his mother when she was born, probably by Irene Frances de Carteret Ollard (1887-1958).

Lady Katherine Barbara Stewart who married her cousin the Earl of Nithsdale "gave the 'China bowl' (now in the possession of the Rev S R G Murray) as a christening gift to Mrs Jane Stewart for her daughter 'Katherine Barbara' who subsequently became Mrs William Runciman of Birchmore Bedfordshire."

Catherine's Marriage

Marriage_CStewart_WRunciman.jpg The Marriage Bond, 10th October, 1791.

The Marriage Allegation, 10th November, 1791.

Pallots, on the right says that the marriage was by licence and that the marriage was in St Paul, Covent Garden.

Boyd's Marriage Index (1538-1840) tells us that the marriage was in 1791 in "Westminster (Bavarian Embassy Chapel) (RC)." The 'RC' fits with the recorded religion of their descendants.

Catholic emancipation only came in 1829, almost 40 years later. There must have been two ceremonies, one in the Bavarian Embassy Chapel (RC) and one in St Paul (C of E). For example: "David Garrick was married to a Catholic wife at 8 in the morning in the Bavarian Embassy chapel and then had the legal parish ceremony at midday in St Giles in the Fields. [Source - p. 29]

Catherine_B_Stewart_marriage_record_sm.jpg The record of the Marriage in St Paul gives the date of the marriages as 1st December 1791.

The witnesses are:
Jn. Jes. Le Jeune
Sophia Stewart
Cath. Stewart

The first witness could be John James Le Jeune, a jeweller in London at the time.

The second witness, Sophia Stewart, could be a sister that we have no record of so far.

The third witness, Cath. Stewart, could be the wife of Cosmas Stewart - increasing the likelihood of a relationship between the Stewart sisters and Cosmas.
Cathe Stewart (née Moody) would be about the same age as Catherine Barbara and her signature on her own wedding record compares well with her signature here as a witness and with her signature in her Will (even if that is difficult to make out. [See the three signatures]

Catherine Barbara's Will

In her will [image] made in 1829:

Catherine leaves everything to her children.

Her son Charles is the sole executor,and the witnesses are her daughters Ann, Sophia and Frances.

The will is proved in February, 1830, so it is possible Catherine died late in 1829.