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Anne Runciman

1798 - 1861

Life History

31 Jan 1798

Born in Woburn. Bedfordshire

3rd Mar 1798

Baptised in St James, Paddington

29 April 1861

Clarendon Terrace, St John's Wood


1798 Baptism Record

The birth date used for Ann is based on the Baptism record. However, this may be the baptism record for a child that was born and died before Anne. The '51 and '61 census dates suggest that Ann Runciman's birth date should be 1801 (the '41 census is notoriously bad on ages since adult - over 15 - ages are rounded down to the a multiple of 5.)


In wikitree.com: there are two Anns in the family:

" Mary Ann Runciman
Birth: 31 Jan 1798 in in Paddington, London; Christening: 03 Mar 1798; Death: July 1817"


" Ann Runciman
Birth: 08 November 1799 in Woburn, Bedfordshire; Christening: 05 Mar 1800 in Woburn"

In the 1841 Census, in a school in Montpellier Road, Brighton:

Ann Runciman, 35, Artist
Isabella Runciman, 35, Teacher.

The ages given appear to be incorrect, but the 1841 census is notorious in this respect.

In the 1851 Census, 18a, Waterloo St., Brighton:

Ann Runciman, Head, Unmarried, 50, '4-2 (?) as Teacher of Drawing', b. 'Bedfordshire Woburn'
with 3 lodgers and 2 servants.

In the 1861 Census, at 14, Clarendon Terrace, Hampstead
(the house of Elizabeth Smith, 'Ladies Boarding House Keeper'):

Ann Runciman, Boarder, Unmarried, 60, Annuitant & Fundholder, b. 'Bedfordshire Woburn'

In The Times, 11th May, 1861 :




GRO - probable

Death: Jun 1861 - Runciman Anne, Hampstead, 1a 371