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Catherine Wharton

Catherine's signature in the 1911 census

1852 - 1918

Life History

8th Oct 1852

Born in Great Crosby.

10th Oct 1852

Baptised in Little Crosby.

17th Nov 1875

Married Thomas Voce in Little Crosby.

5th Sep 1876

Birth of daughter Mary Vose in Little Crosby, Lancs..

24th Jun 1879

Birth of daughter Martha Vose in Little Crosby, Lancs.

7th Feb 1881

Birth of son Edward Vose in Little Crosby, Lancs.

15th Oct 1882

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Vose.

16th Jun 1884

Birth of son Thomas Vose.

6th Jul 1886

Birth of daughter Catherine Vose.

22nd Mar 1888

Birth of daughter Helen Vose.

26th Apr 1890

Birth of son Joseph Vose.

6th Feb 1895

Death of Thomas Voce.




From St. Mary's, Little Crosby, Baptisms:

Oct 10, 1852, Catherine, Parents: Edward & Elizabeth Wharton (nee Formby)
Sponsors: Henry Wharton & Ann Hichcock

From IGI (1):

Catharine Wharton
Birth: 08 Oct 1852 Great Crosby, Lancashire, England
Death: 06 Feb 1895
Father: Edward Wharton
Mother: Eizabeth Formby

From IGI (2):

Husband: Thomas Vose
Wife: Catherine Wharton - Birth: 1853, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Father: Edward Wharton
Marriage: 17 Nov 1875, Little Crosby, Lancashire Children:
1. Mary Vose - Birth: 05 Sep 1876, Little Crosby, Lancashire
2. Edward Vose - Birth: 07 Feb 1881, Little Crosby, Lancashire
3. Ellen Vose - Birth: 22 Mar 1888, Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1861 Census with her parents.

In the 1871 Census: in Leadenhall Street, Everton, Liverpool

Henry FormbyHead36Cotton PorterLancashire
Margaret FormbyWife36Lancashire
Catherine FormbyDaughter9Lancashire
Harriett FormbyDaughter3Lancashire
John FormbySon1Lancashire
Catherine WhartonNiece18General ServantLancashire

The above Henry Formby must be brother to Catherine's mother.

From FreeBMD

Marriage: Dec 1875, Wharton, Catherine, West Derby 8b 932

The Marriage Certificate

The two witnesses are both from Catherine's family, a brother and a sister.


In the 1881 census (3rd April) in The Village, Little Crosby.

Thomas VoseHead39Blacksmith b. Bickerstaffe, Lancashire
Catherine VoseWife28b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary VoseDaughter4Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Martha VoseDaughter1b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Edward VoseSon0b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Martha WilliamsBoarder8Scholarb. Lpool, Lancashire

Catherine_Voce_Sm.jpg In the 1901 Census - The Village, Little Crosby

Catherine VoseHead Widow49b. Little Crosby
Edward VoseSon S. 20Bricklayers Labourerb. Little Crosby
Thomas VoseSon S. 17General Labourerb. Little Crosby
Ellen VoseDaughter 13b. Little Crosby
Joseph Vose Son 10b. Little Crosby

In the 1911 Census - Little Crosby

Catherine VoseHead Wid 58House Work b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Ned VoseSon S 30General Labourer b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Joe VoseSon S 20General Labourer b. Lancs, Little Crosby

At her death in 1918, Catherine was 65.

From FreeBMD

Death: Jun 1918, Vose, Catherine, 65, W. Derby 8b 319

Census 1901 - image

Are the Whartons (shown on the previous census page) living 2 doors away, related to Catherine?
Catherine's son Edward has married Ann Theresa, the daughter of Joseph Leatherbarrow who is living three doors away - shown in this image:

1901 census