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Martha Vose

1879 - 1956

Life History

24th June 1879

Born in Little Crosby, Lancs.

15th July 1907

Married Thomas Hankin in Star of the Sea.

12th Jun 1909

Birth of daughter Ellen Hankin

8th March 1911

Birth of son Thomas Hankin

27th April 1913

Birth of son Edward Hankin

29th May 1918

Birth of daughter Mary Catherine Hankin

26th February 1956



From IGI

Birth: 24 JUN 1879, Great Crosby, Lancashire
Death: 26 FEB 1956

In the 1891 census at Crosby Hall, Little Crosby Road, Little Crosby:

Rich NorrisHeadMar59Labourerb. Ince Blundell, Lancashire
Margery NorrisWifeMar60b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Martha VoseServantS11 Servantb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Susannah BustonWifeMar37b. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Joseph BustonSonS11Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary Buston Daughter S7Scholarb. Windsor
Rose M Buston Daughter S4 b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Agnes BustonDaughterS2 b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Harry BustonSonS1b. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1901 Census at 37, Moor Lane, Great Crosby:

John T WalshHeadMar43Shipping Agentb. Chichester, Sussex
Florence WalshWife Mar37b. Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary WalshDaughterS19b. Ireland
Leonard WalshSon17Shipping Clerk Apprenticeb. Ireland
John WalshSon15b. Seaforth, Lancashire
George V WalshSon7b. Great Crosby, Lancashire
Florence WalshDaughter4b. Great Crosby, Lancashire
Arthur WalshSon 10 mthsb. Great Crosby, Lancashire
Martha VoseServantS21 Nurse Domestic Servantb. Great Crosby, Lancashire
Annie ShannonServantS19Cook Domestic Servantb. Ireland

In the 1911 Census there are two records:

At 73a, Moss Lane, Walton, Liverpool (signed by Thomas)
and at 1, Hanford Avenue, Walton (signed by Martha)

Thomas HankinHead30Baker's Manager of shopLancs Ince Blundell
Martha HankinWife31b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Ellen HankinDaughter2b. Lancs, Seaforth
Thomas Joseph HankinSon3wksb. Lancs, Walton



From freeBMD

Birth: Jun 1879, Voce, Martha, W. Derby 8b 495

Marriage: Sep 1907, Voce, Martha, West Derby 8b 931
Marriage: Sep 1907, Hankin, Thomas, West Derby 8b 931