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Margaret Billington

1884 - 1950

Life History




Married William Leatherbarrow


Birth of daughter Mary Leatherbarrow


In the 1891 Census

Jane BillingtonHeadM46Grocery Shopb. Blackburn, Lancs
Ann Mary BillingtonDaurS19b. Liverpool
Emily Ada BillingtonDaurS15b. Liverpool
Thomas BillingtonSonS12Scholarb. Liverpool
Alice BillingtonDaurS9Scholarb. Liverpool
Margt. Teresa BillingtonDaurS7Scholarb. Liverpool
Alice WalmsleyAuntWid56b. Blackburn, Lancs

However the following censuses do not agree with the above.

In the 1901 Census in 'The Village', Little Crosby

Edward BillingtonHead M. 52Ordinary Agricultural LabourerLittle Crosby, Lancashire
Mary BillingtonWife 62Liverpool, Lancashire
Margaret BillingtonDaughter S. 27Assisting At HomeLittle Crosby, Lancashire
Margaret MayBoarder 12Liverpool, Lancashire

In the 1911 Census, Little Crosby

Edward BillingtonHead Wid 64Farm Labourer b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaughter 39Married 2 yrs b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Robert BillingtonBrother S 58Private Means b. Lancs, Little Crosby

The time married is correct in the above census. But the age is wrong. And where is William in the 1911 census?

From freeBMD

Birth: Mar 1884, Billington, Margaret Teresa, W. Derby 8b 428

Marriage: Dec 1908, Billington Margaret, W. Derby 8b 737
Marriage: Dec 1908, Leatherbarrow, William John, W. Derby 8b 737

? Death: Jun 1950, Leatherbarrow, Margaret J, 66, Liverpool N. 10d 413