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Clive Terrence Drewry

13th Jun 1935 - 3rd May 1990

Life History

13th Jun 1935

Born in South Africa

3rd May 1990

Died in East London, RSA


Clive_Personal_History.jpg Clive_Personal_History.jpg From South Africa ID Records:

Clive Terrence Drewry - ID no. 3506135052085
Born 13th June 1935
Died 3rd May 1990 in East London of Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Clive and his siblings were orphans in the 'Childrens Haven' in Ugie in the 1930's. (see their mother's page)

The orphanage is now Clarendon Guest House (the source of the picture on the right and the group picture below.)
It is possible that Clive and his sister and brother, Shirley and Roy, are in this group picture.

Clive passed his Trade Test in Woodworking in 1956.

Shirley Clive Sheila wedding.jpg Clive_T_Drewry_Confirmation_sm.jpg  
Clive was confirmed on 23rd September, 1960, in the diocese of Grahamstown, probably in preparation for his marriage

Clive married Sheila in 1961 and he and his wife had two sons who both had/have children.
Clive and his wife divorced in 1984.