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Pollux Ernst Matroos

also known as Ernst Beeldsnijder Matroos

27th Oct 1779 -

Life History

27th Oct 1779

Born in Suriname


In the Surinam Census in 1811

Ernst is 32 years old. It looks like he has a son named Wolfert Jacob Matroos.


On the right, an entry in the 'Surinaamse Courant' 1838 Surinamse_Courant_1838

Google translation.

Government Secretariat

Alzoo Ernst Matroos and John Buschman, in terms of Administrators of the la Singularité Plantation, addressed himself to the Governor General by request, requesting the Slave Catherine and her Children Adolf and James; from the reported Plantation and in the private name of the Owner Majorin Elizabeth Buschman, may be transferred. Thus it is that the Governor General has agreed, before arguing, to reopen all those who may have any reason to oppose it within fourteen days of the day check of their alleged right. or pretend to make a declaration to the Government Secretariat; After that time, he should become such by the Governor General.

The Government Secretary - G. S. de Veer

Obviously official but what does it mean?

The following is taken from Martha Tjoe Nij's paper

"Ernst Matroos was erfgenaam van zijn Moeder Betje van Beeldsnijder die tot haar dood aan de Joden Breedestraat in Paramaribo woonde op La C nr 44."

"(25937) De Exploiteur bij het Geregtshof te Suriname, zal op Vrijdag den 2den Julij 1841, des voormiddags om half negen uren, ten overstan van Heeren Gecommitteerde Raden uit gemeld Gereftshof, publiek bij Executie andermaal verkoopen; Het HUIS, staande op het vererfpacht Erf, gelegen aan de Joden Bredestraat, La. C.Nr 44 Nieuwe Wijk; aankomende E. MATROOS, als mede Erfgenaam van den Boedel wijle BETJE van BEELDSNIJDER.
Paramaribo, den 29 Junij 1841

The Google translation :

"Ernst Matroos was heir to his Mother Betje van Beeldsnijder, who lived on La C nr 44 until her death on the Joden Breedestraat in Paramaribo.."

"(25937) The Operator at the Geregtshof in Suriname, on Friday the 2nd of July 1841, at half past eight in the morning, in front of Heeren Committed Councils from reported Gereftshof, will resell it publicly by execution. The HOUSE, standing on the leasehold Erf, located at the Joden Bredestraat, La. C.Nr 44 Nieuwe Wijk, arriving E. MATROOS, as co-heir of the estate, BETJE van BEELDSNIJDER. Paramaribo, June 29, 1841 R. GOLLENSTEDE, Operator "