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Sophia Drewry

1774 -

Life History

25th Nov 1774

Born in Lincoln

26th Nov 1774

Christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln

10th Dec 1795

Married John Mort at Norton in the Moors, Stafford



Sophia Drewry married John Mort at Norton in the Moors, Stafford, on Dec 10, 1795 (IGI).
[Source: Staffordshire Morts]

Baptisms recorded at St John's, Burslem, Staffs to parents John Mort and Sophia (all christened on 23rd Sept, 1804):

Ann Mowbray Mort, born Feb 2, 1798;
John Drewry Mort, born Oct 16, 1799;
Charles Chester Mort, born Jan 20, 1803;
Sarah Bamford Mort, born May 17, 1804

The first child is named for John's mother; their third child for the husband of Sophia's sister Ann; and the fourth child for Sophia's sister Sarah and Sarah's husband.

Charles Chester Mort appears in the will of John Drewry II as a nephew.

Charles Chester Mort married Anne Bailey on Apr 4, 1826, in Trentham, Stafford.
Baptism Records at St Marys, Stafford show that Charles and Ann had the following children
Ann Sophia Mort, christened Dec 12, 1828
Mary Bailey Mort, christened Sep 12, 1832
Charles Chester Mort, christened Aug 13, 1834
William Mort, christened Nov 15, 1837
Susan Mort, christened Oct 11, 1839

The 1851 Census records Charles Chester Mort at Tillington House, Burslam, Staffs, aged 48, as a "Newspaper Proprietor and Printer employing 20 men and boys"