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James Cowell

1850 - 1933

Life History


Born in Little Crosby


Married Mary Wareing in Little Crosby


In the 1851 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby:

13Joseph CowellHeadM29Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby
Ellen CowellWifeM28b. Little Crosby
Joseph CowellSonU6Scholarb. Little Crosby
Alice CowellDauU4Scholarb. Little Crosby
James CowellSonU2b. Little Crosby
Margaret CowellDauU9 wksb. Little Crosby

In the 1861 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby:

Joseph CowellHeadM38Carterb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Ellen CowellWifeM38b. Lancs. Little Crosby
Joseph CowellSon16Carterb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Alice CowellDaughter14General Servantb. Lancs. Little Crosby
James CowellSon12Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
John CowellSon8Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Margaret CowellDaughter6Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Thomas CowellSon4Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Mary CowellDaughter2b. Lancs. Little Crosby
Ann CowellDaughter1mb. Lancs. Little Crosby

In the 1871 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby, recorded in the house of Joseph Rainford, 'Farmer of 88 Acres Employing 2 Men'

James CowellServantU21Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby Lancs

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Marriage: Mar 1875, Wareing, Mary, W. Derby, 8b 757
Marriage: Mar 1875, Cowell, James, W. Derby, 8b 757

In the 1881 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby:

James CowellHeadM31Farm Labourerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary CowellWifeM31b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Ellen CowellDaughter2b. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1891 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby:

James CowellHeadM41Farm Labourerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary CowellWifeM41b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Joseph CowellSonS7Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Ellen CowellDaughterS12Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary CowellDaughterS9Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Margaret CowellDaughterS3b. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1901 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby:

James CowellHead M. 53Horse Man on Farmb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary CowellWife M. 52b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Joseph CowellSon S. 17Gardener Domestic Serviceb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Margret CowellDaughter 13b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Cuthbert CowellSon 7b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Kate McgreeveyVisitor 12b. Liverpool, Lancashire

In the 1911 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby:

James CowellHead M 62Labourer b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Mary CowellWife M 61Married 36 yrsb. Lancs, Little Crosby
Joseph CowellSon S 27Gardener Domestic b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Margaret CowellDaughter S 23Dressmaker b. Lancs, Little Crosby

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Probable Death: Mar 1933, Cowell, James, 84, W. Derby, 8b 401

From freeBMD - There are 3 possible marriages, in the area, for Joseph Cowell, son of James:

Marriage: Marriage: Mar 1913, Cowell, Joseph, spouse: Green, W.Derby, 8b 773
Marriage: Mar 1918, Cowell, Joseph, spouse: Blundell, W. Derby, 8b 737
Marriage: Jun 1933, Cowell, Joseph, spouse: Fitzpatrick, W. Derby, 8b 1057