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Henry Rainford

1848 - 1909

Life History


Born in Little Crosby


Married Catherine Wareing in Little Crosby


In the 1851 census, in Little Crosby:

Robert RainfordHeadM36Licensed Victualler and Farmer of 5 Acresb. Ince Blundell
Catherine RainfordWifeM37b. Ince Blundell
Jane RainfordDauU10Scholarb. Ince Blundell
Joseph RainfordSonU8Scholarb. Liverpool
John RainfordSonU7Scholarb. Liverpool
Ellen RainfordDauU5Scholarb. Little Crosby
Henry RainfordSonU3Scholarb. Little Crosby
Elizabeth RainfordDauU2b. Little Crosby
Robert RainfordSonU7 mob. Little Crosby
Mary MaddacksServantU25House Servantb. Liverpool
Margaret LoveladyServantU13House Servantb. Little Crosby
Joseph MolyneuxServantU31Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby
William CrookhillLodgerW55Horse Breakerb. Res. Green

In the 1861 census, at Hill Farm, Little Crosby:

Robert RainfordM45Farmer of 87 Acres
Employing 3 Men and 8 Boys
b. Lancs. Little Crosby
Catharine RainfordHeadM47Farmer's Wifeb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Jane RainfordWifeU20Farmer's Daughterb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Joseph RainfordSonU18Farmer's Sonb. Lancs. Liverpool
John RainfordSonU17Farmer's Sonb. Lancs. Liverpool
Ellen RainfordDaughter15Farmer's Daughterb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Henry RainfordSon13Farmer's Sonb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Elizabeth RainfordDaughter12Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Robert RainfordSon10Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Margaret RainfordSon6Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Richard RainfordSon3Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Samuel FreemanServM24Carterb. Ireland Monegan
Patrick CarrickServM35Ag. Lab.b. Ireland Monegan
Patrick CarrickServU16Ag. Lab.b. Ireland Monegan

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Marriage: Mar 1869, Rainford, Henry, West Derby, 8b 682
Marriage: Mar 1869, Wareing, Catherine, W. Derby, 8b 682

In the 1871 census, in Quarry Road, Little Crosby:

Henry RainsfordHeadM23Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby Lancs
Catharine RainsfordWifeM25b. Little Crosby Lancs
Margaret RainsfordDaughter1b. Little Crosby Lancs
Thomas WareingBro-in-lawU23Gardenerb. Little Crosby Lancs
Alice WareingSis-in-lawU16General Servantb. Little Crosby Lancs

In the 1881 census, in Little Crosby:

Henry RainfordHeadM33General Labourerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Catherine RainfordWifeM35b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Margaret RainfordDaughter11Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Ellen RainfordDaughter7Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary RainfordDaughter2b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Thomas WareingBro In LawU33Farm Labourerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1891 census, in Little Crosby:

Henry RainfordHeadM44Farm Labourerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Catherine RainfordWifeM45b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
James RainfordSonS9Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
William RainfordSonS4Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Margaret RainfordDaughterS21Dressmakerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1901 census, in Delph Road, Little Crosby:

Henry RainfordHead M. 54General LabourerLittle Crosby, Lancashire
Catherine RainfordWife M. 56Little Crosby, Lancashire
James RainfordSon S. 19BricklayerLittle Crosby, Lancashire
William RainfordSon S. 14Gardiner Domestic ServantLittle Crosby, Lancashire
Mary RainfordDaughter S. 22DressmakerLittle Crosby, Lancashire

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Death: Mar 1909, Rainford, Henry, 62, West Derby, 8b 473

Who are these Rainfords in the 1911 census, in Little Crosby:

In The Village

Henry RainfordHead M 36Farmer b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Winifred Jane RainfordWife M36Married 8 yrsb. Altcar, Lancs
Alice LoveladyServant S 19General Servant Domestic b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Henry BlundellServant S 36Farm Labourer b. Ince Blundell, Lancs

In The Village

John RainfordHead M 30Farmer b. Hightown, Lancs
Alice RainfordWife M 24Married 1 yr b. Little Crosby, Lancs
John RainfordSon 0b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Elizabeth FittonServant S 28General Servant Domestic b. Liverpool, Lancs

In The Village

Elizabeth RainfordHead 71Farmer b. Lancs, Gt Crosby
William RainfordSon S 36Farmers Son Working on Farm b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Joseph RainfordSon S 34b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Jane RainfordDaughter S 31b. Lancs, Little Crosby
William BarnesSon In Law M 46Farmer b. Lancs, Hightown
Mary BarnesDaughter M 20 yrs 44b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Elizabeth BarnesGranddaughter S 19b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Joseph BarnesGrandson S 17Farmer Son Working on Farm b. Lancs, Little Crosby
Mary BarnesGranddaughter S 15b. Lancs, Great Crosby
Margaret BarnesGranddaughter 8b. Lancs, Great Crosby
Jane BarnesGranddaughter 4b. Lancs, Little Crosby

In Hightown, Little Grosby:

William RainfordHead M 41Farmer b. Little Grosby, Lancs
Margaret RainfordWife M38Married 18 yrsb. Seaforth, Lancs
Mary Birsman RainfordDaughter S 17b. Seaforth, Lancs
Agnes Gertrude RainfordDaughter 13School b. Crosby, Lancs
Hilda Catherine RainfordDaughter 10School b. Hightown, Lancs
Winfreck Josephine RainfordDaughter 9School b. Hightown, Lancs
William John RainfordSon 5School b. Hightown, Lancs
Harry Vencent RainfordSon 3b. Hightown, Lancs
Francis Nicholas RainfordSon 1b. Hightown, Lancs
Robert Arnold RainfordSon 0b. Hightown, Lancs

In Hightown, Little Crosby: (Widow of John Rainford, b.1849, Altcar, Lancs.)

Jane RainfordHead Wid51Farmer, b. Little Crosby, Lancs
James RainfordSon S 24Farmer's Son Working on Farm b. Little Crosby, Lancs
William RainfordSon S 20Farmer's Son Working on Farm b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Richard RainfordSon S 17Farmer's Son Working on Farm b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Joseph RainfordSon 13School b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Mary RainfordDaughter 10School b. Little Crosby, Lancs
Edward BarnesBrother S 55Farmer's Brother Working on Farm b. Little Crosby, Lancs
James HoughtonServant S 24Horseman on Farm b. Kirby, Lancs
Michael CaseyVisitor S 80Old Age Pensioner Farm Labourer b. Castlerae Mayo; Resident