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James Wareing

1819 - 1854

Life History


Born in Formby

28th May 1843

Married Margaret Massam in St Mary's, Little Crosby


Birth of daughter Catherine Wareing in Little Crosby


Birth of son Thomas Wareing in Little Crosby


Birth of daughter Mary Wareing in Little Crosby


Birth of son Robert Wareing in Little Crosby




Birth of daughter Alice Wareing in Little Crosby


In the 1841 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby (Margaret's next door neighbour).

Robert Waring45Brewer
Cathrine Waring45
James Waring20Ag Lab
Betty Waring13
Thomas Waring11
Margery Waring10
Cathrine Waring7

In the 1851 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby.

James WareingHeadM32Ag. Lab.b. Formby
Margaret WareingWifeM33b. Little Crosby
Catherine WareingDauU5Scholarb. Little Crosby
Thomas WareingSonU3b. Little Crosby
Mary WareingDauU1b. Little Crosby

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Probable Death: Mar 1854, Wareing, James, W. Derby, 8b 322

Brother Robert?

In the 1851 census, in The Little Crosby Village, in Brook cottage:

Robert WareingHeadM56Ag. Lab.b. Little crosby
Catherine WareingWifeM58b. Little crosby
Thomas WareingSonU21Ag. Lab.b. Little crosby
Margaret WareingDauU19b. Little crosby
Catherine WareingDauU17Dress makerb. Little crosby

In the 1861 census in The Village:

Robert WaringHeadM66Ag. Lab.b. Lancs., Wrightlington
Cathrine WaringWifeM68b. Lancs., Formby