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Nathaniel Robert Drewry

5th Jan 1791 - 21st April 1814

Life History

5th Jan 1791


3rd Feb 1791

Christened in St Marylebone, Westminster


Gentleman Cadet in Royal Artillery


2nd Lieutenant, Royal Artillery


1st Lieutenant, Royal Artillery

21st April 1814

Died in Portsmouth


Nathaniel's Baptism Record

Nathaniel's Baptism Record

Lieutenant N R Drewry

NRDrewryArmy.jpg Nathaniel's Army record in Lionel S. Challis's 'Peninsula Roll Call'

It is interesting that Nathaniel is a lieutenant in the Royal Artillery - with which his father, Samuel, has strong links and almost certainly influence. Officer status at that time was a matter of purchase and patronage.

Lieutenant N R Drewry Nathaniel's death reported in the May, 1814, Monthly obituary.