Theodore John Buschman Jane Runciman Mini tree diagram

Jane Majorine Buschman

9th Jan, 1826 - 8th Oct, 1912

Life History

9th January 1826

Born in Rotterdam

8th Oct 1912

Died in London


In 1851, in Sussex, at 32, Brunswick Terrace:

Jane BuschmanHeadWidow53 Mistress of Ladies Schoolb. London
Jane M BuschmanDaughterUnm24b. 'Rotterdam British Subject'
with 29 other women (from 9 to 40 yrs of age) in the same household (a girls school.

In the 1861 census, at 25 York Place, in St Marylebone, Middlesex:

Theodora BuschmanHeadWidow67 b. abt 1794, in Covent Garden, Middlesexb. London
Jeannie M BuschmanDaughterUnm30(i.e. born 1831), in Rotterdam

Theodora Buschman, 67, widow, b. abt 1794, in Covent Garden, Middlesex
Jeannie M Buschman, Daughter, 30 (i.e. born 1831), in Rotterdam.

Has her mother Jane (née Runciman) adopted a feminine version of her late husband's name? It seems likely that 'Jeannie M' is probably 'Jane Majorine' however there does seem to be an age discrepancy.

Covent Garden is the area in which a number of Runcimans were born.

Not found in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses.

A mention in 'The Queen', 23rd June, 1888

In the 1901 census at 15, Vale House, West Cliff Road, Ramsgate, Kent

Still pretending to be younger than she is!

Cantwell, WilliamHeadM49Pianoforte Tunerb. Broadstairs, Kent
Cantwell, CarolineWifeM45Music Teacherb. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, Constance A KDaurS24b. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, Agnes LDaurS21Music Teacherb. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, Daisy E DaurS19Music Teacherb. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, FlorenceDaurS18Pupil Teacherb. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, VictorSon13Scholarb. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, FredkSon11Scholarb. Ramsgate, Kent
Cantwell, CyrilSon3 Scholar b. Ramsgate, Kent
Buschman, Jane MBoarderS67Living On Own Meansb. Rotherdam Brit Subject

In the 1911 census at 16, South Vale, Upper Norwood

Denny, EugenieHeadSingle54Trained Sick Nurse (Working 'At Home')b. Surry, Peckham
Brander, Lizzie MitchellBoarderSingle32Trained Sick Nurseb. Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen
Turner, Ellen MaryBoarderSingle33Trained Sick Nurseb. Middlesex, Ealing
Coffin, EvaBoarderSingle46Ind't. Means, Feeble minded 10 yrs.b. India, Resident
Buschman, JaneBoarderSingle84Independent Means b. Rotterdam Resident


Death: Dec 1912, Jane M,  85  Lambeth  1d 444

Probate of Jane Majorine Buschman

Jane Buschman - Probate Mentioned in the probate :
Laurentia Drewry is a cousin. Her mother, Laurentia (née Buschman, is sister to Jane Majorine's father)
John Holloway Buschman is also cousin - son of her father's brother

The Will of Jane Majorine Buschman

The document on the left 'proves' the will, on the 20th November 1912

The Will (on the right) is an excellent confirmation of the strong relationships between the Drewry, Buschman and Runciman families.

Mentioned in the Will are (with their bequests in modern day - 2020 - equivalent values):

John Holloway Buschman  (£47,000)   Cousin, son of John Buschman and Hannah Jane C Holloway
Annie Buschman  (£133,000)   Cousin, daughter of John Buschman and Hannah Jane C Holloway
Caroline Buschman  (£30,000)    Cousin, daughter of John Buschman and Hannah Jane C Holloway
Edith Drewry   (£25,000)    Cousin, daughter of Laurentia Buschman and Charles Stewart Drewry
Georgina Drewry  (£25,000)    Cousin, daughter of Laurentia Buschman and Charles Stewart Drewry
Amy Drewry   (£25,000)    Emily, Cousin, daughter of Laurentia Buschman and Charles Stewart Drewry
Laurentia Drewry    (£25,000)   Cousin, daughter of Laurentia Buschman and Charles Stewart Drewry
Caroline Murray   (£35,000)    Cousin, daughter of Cathe Moody Runciman and Thomas William Glanvill (Caroline Emma Glanville m. Major Thomas Hamilton Murray)

Also mentioned in the Will are:

Louise Lake  (£28,000)   Owner of the property where she was living when she died.
Alice M Lake   (£25,000)   Daughter of Louise Lake
Madame Columbo  (£35.000)    Fanny Columbo – boarding house keeper
Lizzie Taplin  (£35.000)   Living at same address as Madame Columbo
Theodore William Knight  ( £24,000)   
Rayne Butler  (£28,000)   
Mrs Spencer Mann   (£30,000)