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Ann Foster

1737 -

Life History




Christened in St Mary Le Wigford


Married John Drewry in St Swithin, Lincoln


Ann Foster was christened in St Mary le Wigford in 1737 - parents Charles Foster and Alice.

A John Drewry married Ann Foster on the 26th March, 1751, at Saint Swithin, Lincoln.

Ann_Foster_1751.jpg records a number of Fosters appear on the gravestones of St Mary le Wigford (but no Drewry/Drurys surprisingly).

There is a Thomas Foster, an Alderman in Lincoln, in 1810, possibly a relation of Ann.
(Robert's wife Ann Parsons we believe was related to a Sheriff of Lincoln - John Parsons - and we know that the Robert Drewrys were aldermen, sheriffs and mayors of Lincoln.)

Lease and Release
Date: 19 & 20 Feb 1810

Description: 1. Thomas Foster of Lincoln, alderman, eldest son of Charles Foster, deceased
Property: building used as a slaughterhouse in the parish of St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln, now in the occupation of Charles Foster