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Sarah Durance

1764 - 1856

Life History




Christened in St Marks, Lincoln




Sarah Durance's Baptism record, at St Marks, Lincoln, 1764:


In the 1851 census Sarah Durance is shown as 'Gentlewoman Fundholder' living on her own, with 2 house servants, in Potter Gate, St Margaret's parish, Lincoln.

Sarah outlived several generations dying in 1856 at the age of 92.
She left a will which shows that she was a full member of the extended Drewry family.

Sarah_Durance_notice_of_death.jpg At www.interment.net

Durance, Sarah, d. 25 Apr, 1856, age 92 yrs, Eldest daughter of Reverend William Durance, formerly vicar of this parish.

Sarah Durance's Burial record, at St Marks, Lincoln, 1764:


Will_Sarah_Durance_small The Will of Sarah Durance

Main points

Sarah Durance of the City of Lincoln, spinster,

  • appoints Henry Drewry of St John's Villas, Acacia Road, Regents Park in the County of Middlesex, Esquire. And Joseph Swan of Tavistock Square, London, Esquire as Trustees and Executors.
  • legacy to each of £100 for their services.
  • £1000 on trust to the executors; the interest to be paid from time to time to Maria Painter of Beckley in the county of Sussex, wife of Peter Painter and on her death the capital to be shared equally between her brothers, the said Henry Drewry and Charles Drewry, the sons of the late Samuel Drewry [her cousin on her mother's side].
  • a further £1000 to each of them
  • £200 to Ann Swan, daughter of the late Henry Swan
  • Donations to various charities:
    Lincoln County Hospital
    National school in the parish of St Peter the Arches in city of Lincoln
    North District School in parish of St Pail in Bail of Lincoln
    Lincoln Dispensary
  • two best silk dresses to Maria Painter
  • books etc to Henry Stewart Drewry
  • annuity to faithful servant Elizabeth Whitelamb to receive £20 a year for life (if still in service) and all clothes and linen not otherwise bequeathed
  • sums of £10 to other servant Susannah Cook (if still in service), and to Mrs Elizabeth Whitelamb. the wife of Mr Robert ?Pelham?, and the the brother of her servant Elizabeth Whitelamb
  • £500 to friend Mrs Ann Staunton widow of late R G Staunton and a silver coffee pot and carpet
  • the house in the Close of Lincoln where I now reside with garden etc. to Maria Painter
  • all plate not already bequeathed, rings, jewels, trinkets to Maria Painter
  • all my lands situated at North Clifton in the county of Nottingham to George Swan, brother of Ann Swan
  • Some other freeholds etc (?) to Henry Drewry and Joseph Swan to use for bequests in the will
  • all the rest of the estate to Henry Drewry
  • Codacil to will in April 1856:
  • Property at North Clifton now to Joseph Swan and gives £100 to each of George Swan's 2 daughters (Ann Swan and George Swan have died)
  • Will proved 20/5/1856

Joseph Swan of Tavistock Square, London, was appointed Sarah's joint executor, with Henry {Runciman} Drewry.

Joseph Swan was Christened in St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln, in 1791.

livesonline.rcseng.ac.uk gives his life story. Briefly:

Son of Henry Swan, surgeon to the County Hospital at Lincoln.
One of the original fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons- MRCS and FRCS.
Was surgeon to County Hospital at Lincoln from 1814 - 1827 winning much recognition for his work
Then moved to London - 6 Tavistock Square, where he concentrated on anatomy
He never married.

At www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov:

Joseph Swan (1791-1874): pioneer of research on peripheral nerves.

In the 1841 census Joseph Swan was living in Tavistock Square as surgeon with Ann Swan (also mentioned in the will).

Possibly an interesting connection?

in the 1851 census Joseph Swan (surgeon) was visiting a Thomas Greetham a farmer and land agent of 910 acres. (Stainfield Hall in Lincolnshire). Thomas Greetham's wife was Louisa Swan, sister of Joseph Swan.

Thomas Greetham is also described elsewhere [source?] as an agent for the Tyrwhitt family. (Tyrwhitt Smith was Mayor of Lincoln in 1791-92 and Robert Drewry senior married a Mary Smith - any connection?). Robert Tyrwhitt erected Stainfield Hall.
(Sir John Tyrwhitt of Cammeringham was MP for Lincoln 1722-1734 and a freemason.)

In 1848, Robert Swan of the City of Lincoln, Esq.; Joseph Swan of Tavistock Square, Middlesex, Esq.; George Swan of Gamston in Nottinghamshire, Esq.; and Thomas Greetham of Stainfield Hall in Lincolnshire, Esq. were all trustees under the will of the late Henry Machin [www.nottingham.ac.uk]
Henry Machin of Gateford Hill was High Sheriff of Nottingham in 1832. He married Mary Swan (b. 1794)

In the 1861 census Joseph Swan is shown as a surgeon, but in the 1871 census he is shown as a landowner (Sarah Durance's land?). Both times living on his own with servants.

Joseph Swan's Probate shows that he left £12,000 (equivalent of more than £500,000 today - 2010)