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Sarah Drewry

1731 - 1810

Life History


Born in Lincoln


Christened in St Botolph, Lincoln


Married William Durance in St Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln


Birth of daughter Sarah Durance


Birth of daughter Mary Durance


Death of William Durance

3rd Jul 1810

Burial of Sarah Durance in St Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln


From IGI

Christening: 30 DEC 1731, Saint Botolph, Lincoln
Mother: MARY


We can be pretty sure that Sarah Drewry is a relation. The Will of her daughter, Sarah, includes significant bequests to a number of Drewrys that we know are directly linked to our line.

The Marriage Record


Sarah's brother Robert was one of the witnesses.

George Dale's Marriage

Robert had been a witness to a marriage in St Mary's earlier in the year, when George Dale married Mary Drewry.
Sarah's husband-to-be had officiated at that wedding.


Robert_Drewry_Signature_jun2.jpgSo who is this Mary Drewry? and why is Robert Drewry junior a witness?

We know that a George Dale had business dealings with Robert, and it would be reasonable to assume that Mary is Robert's sister.

Whatever the answer, the coincidence of a George Dale of Aldersgate, London (almost certainly the same George Dale mentioned in Robert's page - a business associate) marrying a Mary Drewry in a ceremony where the clergyman is William Durance (later to marry our Robert's sister) witnessed by a Robert Drewry junior is very curious.

Death of Sarah Durance


The record, on the right, from St Mary Le Wigford's register, in 1810, is for Sarah.

The Brant Broughton Drurys

The only Mary Drewry who seems to be relevant is found in IGI as:
IGI Individual Record:
Christening: 15 DEC 1733, Brant Broughton, Lincoln, England
Mother: MARY

LincolnMap.jpgAt the same time as our Drewry family is in Lincoln, there is another Drewry family in Brant Broughton, 14 miles away.
Confusingly, the Brant Broughton family has a Robert (born 1709, parents: Robert and Catherine) who marries a Mary and has a son Robert. But, in IGI there is only one marriage of a Robert Drewry in Lincolnsire with a spouse Mary, and that is the one at Branston which we consider appropriate as regards the birth of the children.

It is possible that the two families are related. It could be that the two Roberts who married Marys are cousins. But in that case it is curious that the witness at her wedding should be a distant relative and not her own brother.

However, generally speaking we have come to the conclusion in earlier researches thst the Brant Broughton family is a farming family that essentially lived and died in Brant Broughton. Whenever they could sign their name they appear to have used the spelling 'Drury' and others would enter their name with this spelling; e.g.:


The following could be the marriage record for Mary Drury of Brant Broughton born 1733, but as the bride is 35, this is unlikely.
The authorities again record the names as Drury. The husband can only make his mark. And Mary's attempt at a signature (of which I am sure she was very proud) bears only a fair resemblance to the name Drury.