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Mary Smith

1709 - 1760

Life History

Jan 1709

Born in Branston

3rd Feb 1727

Married Robert Drewry in Branston, Lincoln


Birth of son Robert Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of daughter Sarah Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of son John Drewry in Lincoln


Died in Lincoln


Probable Baptism Record in Branston, 1709

There is a Baptism record in Branston Parish for Mary Smith daughter of John Smith
[Source: LINCS Archive (bottom left page)].
On the same page there is a probable sister, Amie, born a year earlier.
Mary would be 18 when she married Robert. There are no other Mary Smiths in the Branston Parish records of a suitable age.

John Smith's wife was probably Susana Petchill (?), married 7th April 1700 in Branston. [Source: LINCS Archive (bottom left page - faint image)]

Marriage Record in Branston, 1727

The text above the record says Lincoln or Lincolns. Are they from Lincoln? and marrying in a country church?


Burial Record at St Mary le Wigford