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Robert Drewry

1694 - 1761

Life History


Born in Lincoln

1st Aug 1694

Baptised in Saint Benedict, Lincoln

3rd Feb 1727

Married Mary Smith in Branston, Lincoln


Birth of son Robert Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of daughter Sarah Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of son John Drewry in Lincoln


Died in Lincoln

15th Apr 1761

Buried in St Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln


From IGI

Christening: 01 AUG 1694, Saint Benedict, Lincoln
Mother: MARY

Saint Benedict is about 3 minutes walk from St Mary le Wigford.
The following is the entry in the Saint Benedict Register:


From IGI

Robert Drewery
Marriage: 03 FEB 1727, Branston, Lincoln
Spouse: Mary Smith


Branston is about 4 miles from Lincoln and 3 miles from Bracebridge.

Robert was buried in St Mary le Wigford parish.


PatCareysTree2.jpg Pat Carey suggests that Robert's father was also called Robert and married someone called Catherine.

We have discounted the Brant Broughton connection in the tree. There is a Drewry family in Brant Broughton but almost certainly not our Robert's. (They may however be related - at some remove.)


In Harvard Law School Library

Received April 27 1939 - City of Lincoln.
Accounts of Robert Drewry, Mayor, and his four Chamberlains, 1754-1755.
to John Drewry and Thomas Colton, Sheriffs of the City of Lincoln, 1792-1793.

Register Roll or Alphabetical List of the names of the Freemen of the City, called at the Great Court Leet of the Mayor, Sheriffs, Citizens and others, at the Guildhall, 5th October, 1761, and 3rd May, 1762. Robert Drewry, Mayor.


In Google Books

Robert Drewry and John Parson Sheriffs of Lincoln 1734.

Robert Drewry Jun. Sheriff of Lincoln 1753.

Robert Drewry Sen. Mayor of Lincoln 1754.
Joshua Drewry (Jun) was Chamberlain in 1754

John Parsons Sheriff 1759.

Robert Drewry Mayor of Lincoln 1761.

The Parson/Parsons name appears a number of times in earlier records.

In 1543, during the reign of Henry VIII, a Rd. Drewry is Sheriff.



Administration of Estate, 1761

Those responsible for the Administration of Robert Drewry's estate are:

"William Durance of the Parish of St Mark in the City of lincoln and County of the same City, Clerk & Robert Drewry of the Parish of St Mary Wigford in the City and County afford (aforesaid), Carrier."

William Durance is the husband of Sarah daughter of Robert Drewry snr.
Sarah appears to be the primary, if not sole, heir to the estate.

The document confirms that Robert Drewry jnr was a 'Carrier'.

In Bristol City Archives

RefNo 00296/8b - Contents of Parcel Lincoln 12 - Date 1735 Oct 22

Letter from Robert Drewry, Lincoln, to John Ogilvie and Co at the Sun Insurance, Fryday Street, London, appraising him that Mr Samuel Purts will call to receive £104. Receipt for same endorsed on back.

Person: Drewry, Robert of Lincoln; CorporateKey: Sir Thomas White's Charity