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John Drewry

1757 - 1815

Life History


Born; 24th Sept. christened in St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln


Married Jane Would, in St Peter At Arches, Lincoln


Birth of son Edward Wilson Drewry; 4th March christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of daughter Sarah Drewry; 4th March christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of daughter Elizabeth Drewry; 24th Nov. christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of daughter Jane Drewry; 22nd Dec. christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of son John Wold Drewry; 27th June christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of son Michael Drewry; 22nd March christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of son James Drewry; 27th Jan. christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of son Samuel Drewry; 2nd July christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of daughter Mary Drewry; 3rd Sept. christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


Birth of son Edward Bell Drewry; 30th August christened in St Peter at Arches, Lincoln


The Pedigree Resource File shows the following information:

John DREWERY Christened 24/9/1757 Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
Father Robert DREWERY, Mother Ann. (Married 1752)

IGI Family Search records have his Christening:

John DRURY christened on 24 Sep 1757, Saint Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln, England.
Parents Robt DRURY and Ann.

Actual Record at Saint Mary Le Wigford


Apprentice Record:

1771 - Master: Jno Rose, Lincoln, Printer, Etc.
Apprentice: Jno Drury; Payment: 10 Sep.

In IGI: 1782, 27th May, John Drury married Jane Would in St Peter at Arches

[In Jane was christened in St Martins, Lincoln, 6th Dec 1761.]

Apprentice Records:

1782 - Master: Mary Rose and Jno Drury of the City of Lincoln, Printers
Apprentice: Wm Parke; Payment: 23 Sep.

1784 - Master: Mary Rose and Jno Drury, City of Lincoln, Printers, Bookbinders & Stationers
Apprentice: Robert Thornill; Payment: 14 Aug.

1789 - Master: Jno Drury, St Peter At Arches, Lincoln, Printer
Apprentice: Thos Ball; Payment: 1 Jan.

In the Poll-Book, 1790: John Drury, Printer and Bookbinder, opposite the Bank, Lincoln.

Apprentice Records:

1790 - Master: John Drury, St Peter Arches, Lincoln, Printer, Etc.
Apprentice: John Smith; Payment: 13 May.

1790 - Master: Jno Drury, St Peter At Arches, Lincoln, Printer
Apprentice: Geo Robertson; Payment: 2 Dec

In 'The History of Lincoln ..', 1792: John Drury, Sheriff.

Apprentice Records:

1793 - Master: Jno Drury, of Lincoln, St Peter at Arches, Printer
Apprentice: Jno Knaggs; Payment: 28 May.

1798 - Master: John Drury, of Lincoln, St Peter at Arches, Printer, Etc.
Apprentice: Constantine Phipps; Payment: 6 Jan.

1799 Master: John Drury, St Peter At Arches, City of Lincoln, Printer
Apprentice: John Wilkinson; Payment: 21 Sep.

1800 - Master: John Drury, of Lincoln, St Peter at Arches, Printer, Etc.
Apprentice:John Dickenson; Payment: 5 Jul.

1801 - Master: John Drury, St Peter at Arches, City of Lincoln, Printer, Etc.
Apprentice: Chas Clarke; Payment: 21 Mar.

Land Tax Record, 1798
Proprietor: Jno Drewry, Householder, Tenant: Jno Drewry, East Ward, Lincoln

From The History of Lincoln Waites

Lincoln Races - A New Song

"This broadsheet was printed in 1798 by a local printer, Drury, who gave his address as 'opposite the bank'. We can be certain of the date because it was printed on the broadsheet. If we employ a little careful guesswork here, we might reach the conclusion that Drury meant the Smith Ellison Bank, where Lincoln Corporation held accounts. If that is the case, then Drury's shop was at the junction of Silver Street and High Street, just North of the Stonebow. Today in this position stands a travel agent (on the East side) and the House of Fraser (on the North Side)".

"To choose the subject of horse racing for a broadside would have made very good business sense to John Drury, as he was Clerk to the Racecourse. The song appears (to me) to have been designed especially to be sold to the crowds attending Lincoln Races."

From The History of Lincoln Waites

The Clerk to the Course

"In the early 19th century John Drury (the Printer) was the Clerk to the Race Course. He printed tickets and supplied any other stationery that was required. His bill for October 1811 was £32.10s (L1/4/1/2) and for September 1818, £34.8s.6d (L1/4/1/3).
Drury was a printer by trade and a few years earlier, in 1798, he had printed a broadsheet entitled Lincoln Races.".

JohnDruryPostmaster1806.jpg From

Postal Business of 100 years ago:

April 2, 1807, John Drury, postmaster, Lincoln.

1811 Marriage - Mr William Tallant to Jane, daughter of Mr Drewry,.


In 'www.lincstothepast': Burial in the Parish of St Peter at Arches, Lincoln, April 5, 1815, John Drury, aged 57.

In 'www.lincstothepast': Burial in the Parish of St Peter at Arches, Lincoln, April 17, 1832, Jane Drury, aged 70.

The Will of John Drury (1813, 1815)

JohnDrury1815_2_sm.jpg The Will, 1813
The Codicil (1815)

John initially gives each of his children one guinea and the rest goes to his wife Jane.

In Postmaster Appointments in Lincoln:

1814 (12 Oct) - John Wold Drury, Printer and bookseller; bond: £700; replaced: His father (resigned)
1846 (19 Mar) - Thomas Bonsfield; bond: £700; replaced: Drury (resigned) Vacant 07/02/1846

In 'Victorian Lincoln':


In 'Racing Calendar': Lincoln, 1817, John Wold Drury, Clerk of the Races.

In the 1841 census at 192 High St, St Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln:

John Wold Drury50Bookseller & PrinterLincolnshire
Jane Harriett Drury45Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Ellen Drury15Lincolnshire
Wold Lapton Drury15Lincolnshire
Elizabeth White25F. S.Lincolnshire

In FreeBMD

Death: Dec 1850, John Wold Drury, Lincoln, 14 299

DruryPrinters.jpgFrom wikipedia

John Taylor (1781-1864) was a publisher, essayist, and writer born in East Retford, Nottinghamshire, the son of James Taylor and Sarah Drury.

He formed a partnership with J A Hessey as Taylor and Hessey at 93 Fleet Street. In 1819, through his cousin Edward Drury, a bookseller in Stamford,

[Source of image on right]


.. that the designer of Clare's very distinctive gravestone, memorably described by Charles Causley as 'an upturned stone boat', was one Michael Drury, a Lincoln architect, who happens to have been a son of Edward Bell Drury, the Stamford bookseller, originally from Lincoln.

.. Edward Drury also had a brother named Michael, a Philadelphia bookseller .. There was also a George Drury, of Barholm, near Market Deeping, on the committee that raised funds for the gravestone.

In Manuscripts

CLARE, John (1819) UMS/CLARE/11
Part of a letter, beginning: "Sir I Return your Book with my thanks I have many New Pieces but no time to Copy them . . ." including "My First Attempts at Poetry are nearly Publish'd They have this Title 'Pastoral Sketches in Poems Songs Ballads & Sonnets By John Clare A Northamptonshire Pheasant' [sic!]"; the letter ends mid-sentence with "Drury wish'd me to mention that when you". On the other side, in pencil, is part of the poem "The Fountain", but with the right-hand side of all the lines cut off.

From Pat Carey's family tree:

Married Elizabeth Colton (1757-1818)
Thomas Drewry 1786 -
Sarah Drewry 1788 - 1879
Samuel Drewry 1793 -
James Drewry 1796 -

Who is this John Drewry?

In A dictionary of printers and printing:

"1812, May. Died John Drury printer and bookseller Lincoln, aged seventy two years. He was postmaster of the city of Lincoln and father of Mr Drury printer at Stafford."

[Is this a mistake? Is it really a reference to Joshua?]

The 1841 census has:

John Drewry aged 84 (ie born 1757)
shown as being of 'independent means'
staying with Benjamin Drewry aged 56 (Farmer)
and Ann Drewry aged 20.

They were living at the time at Crowle, Lincolnshire, but John Drewry was shown as not being born in the parish. (Could this be the John Drury born in Newark-on-Trent in 1757?)

The 1841 census also has (living next door to John and Benjamin):

Ann Drewry aged 56 (not born in Crowle)
Happy Drewry aged 17


The Crowle Burial records show that a John Drewry (abode: Windsor, - a village just outside Crowle) was buried in January, 1845 aged 88.

IGI shows an Ann Drury born 23 Aug 1820 and christened 26 Aug 1820 in Crowle, father Benjamin Drury and mother Ann.

Happy Drewry married a Timothy Belton, farmer of 27 acres in 1848.

From freeBMD: Marriages: Dec 1848, Drewry Happy, Thorne, 23 723.
Her final days were probably not happy. Aged 68 she is in Rotheram Union workhouse.

John Drewry died on 21st January 1845 aged 88 (i.e. born 1757) in Crowle.

Benjamin Drewry was christened on 19th Nov 1783 in Crowle; parents: John Drewry and Ann.

The only marriage in IGI of a John Drewry and Ann in Lincolnshire within 10 years of Benjamin's birth is a John Drewery to Ann Stubbs in 1775 in South Somercotes - 30 miles south of Lincoln.

It should be noted that:

there were two Benjamin Drewry/Drurys born within 8 miles of each other.
There was another Benjamin Drewry (in IGI) born in Haxey on 11/6/1784 who also married an Ann! This Benjamin is shown in the 1851 census as a Farmer of 30 acres.
To confuse things further, his father was Robert Drewry and mother Ann (believed to be Ann Barton married in Epworth in 1799.
A Benjamin Drewry died on 3/12/1843 age 58 (ie born 1785) which agrees with 1841 census age) in Crowle (buried at St Oswald, same as John Drewry).
Ann Drewry was buried at St Oswald Crowle on 17/7/1846 aged 62 ie b 1784. (These death records from Find my past parish records.)

Martin Burnell has a tree which suggests that this John is NOT the son of Robert but rather the son of a cousin of Robert.


The naming of John and Jane's children is consistent with the details in the above tree; i.e.: Edward Wilson and Sarah named for John's mother

Burial of Thomas in Carlton le Moorland:


Carlton le Moorland is between Lincoln and Newark.

Information from Martin Burnell:

"I am very confident that my information about the descendants of John Drury, printer and postmaster of Lincoln and his wife Jane Wold (Would) is accurate since it is verified from more than one source."

" .. I received from a cousin of mine who is descended like me from Edward Bell Drury, some notes prepared by her father .. accompanied by a letter dated 1st January 1902 from George Herbert Drury, a grandson of Edward Bell Drury and nephew of Alice Drury who commissioned the [original]research."

"The letter from George Herbert Drury contains a number of interesting points. He says the information has been obtained from parish registers, but the one point he is not sure about is whether Thomas Drury born 1692 is correct. He refers to a visit made by John Taylor, the publisher (son of Sarah Drury and James Taylor and grandson of William Drury and Sarah Wilson) to his uncle, Thomas Drury b 1728. This visit is also referred to on the formal copy of the family tree and dated 1809. Thomas (b. 1728) according to George Herbert was then between 80 and 90 years old and said his father lived in Algarkirk. The family tree also records a visit made by Thomas (b. 1728) to his uncle Joshua at Stonebow, Lincoln in 1740. This appears to be a link to your Joshua Drury (b. 1700)."

"George Herbert Drury says he is certain that John Drury and Mary were Thomas' grandparents and were living in Lincoln in 1694.
He refers to a book that says John Drury was Chamberlain of Lincoln in 1696.
He also says that 'all Robert's and Joshua's issue spelt their name Drewry or Drewery.
He mentions other Drurys living in Bridlington who he thought were related to the Drurys of Derby."

"There does seem to be significant doubt as to whether Thomas b 1692 is the father of William, although there is a clear family tradition that Joshua (b. 1700) was William's uncle.
The formal family tree correctly records Joshua's four children, although it does not mention his siblings Robert, John, William, Mary, Edward and Samuel.
A note from Anne Walbank says that Thomas was also called Samuel. Following this clue, I found the marriage of Samuel Drury to Elizabeth Jime in Newark on 12 Jun 1717 and the birth of Thomas on 20th October 1729 and William on 10th April 1731."

" .. I have found a son Thomas, born in 1692 to John Drury and Mary.
There is an IGI entry for 1 Nov 1692 in Leake, near Boston, Lincolnshire. Of course this was just prior to their marriage and may be a coincidence, or she may have been sent away to have the baby as they were not yet married."

" .. It is interesting to see the migration back and forward between Derby, Nottinghamshire and Lincoln. John married in Nottinghamshire, had his children in Lincoln, son Samuel married in Newark and his children were born there but he later lived in Derby. I am not sure where Algarkirk comes in. Samuel's son William married in Mansfield and the children were all born in Newark, but William's son John returned to Lincoln. This is a pattern I have seen elsewhere - it is easier to move to a new town if you have relatives there."