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Tillotson Laycock

1741 - 1813

Life History



23rd Jul 1770

Married Ann Parsons in Broxholme, Lincoln


Birth of son John Tillotson Laycock

July 1813



Tillotson Laycock's Obituary

Tillotson Laycock possibly married a Sarah Reading in 1763.

He was a Reverend in London, but formerly from Lincoln.

Tillotson married Ann Drewry (widow) 23/7/1770 in Broxholme, Lincoln.

The Will of "Reverend Tillotson Laycock, Clerk of Saint Pancras , Middlesex" (Date: 30th July 1813) is held by the National Archives, Kew.
The Will tells us that Samuel Drewry of Holsden is his "son-in-law" and Sense (nee Drewry), wife of George Robson, is described as his "daughter-in-law".
['Son-in-law' and 'daughter-in-law' were at that time used to describe step-son and step-daughter].

Tillotson's son and only child is John Tillotson Laycock.

Tillotson Laycock's father was also called Tillotson Laycock.

Tillotson Laycock's CareerAt eagle.cch.kcl.ac.uk:
Laycock, Tillotson (1763-1813)
Adm. sizar at Clare, July 4, 1758.
B. at Glanford Brigg [Bridge], Lincs.
Matric. Michs. 1758;
B.A. 1762. V. of Hackthorn, Cammeringham, Ingham, and Owersby, all in Lincs., 'upwards of 40 years.
Died in London, 1813, aged 73. (P. B. G. Binnall.)

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From 'Lincolnshire Past & Present' - Issues 15-22 - Page 6 (Snippet view in Google books)

"Tillotson Laycock, vicar of Hackthorn, Cammeringham, Ingham and Owersby. .. Laycock was a native of Brigg, graduated in 1762 and held his livings 'upwards of forty years' and died in London, ..."

From 'Georgian Lincoln' - Page 297 (Snippet view in Google books)

"Tillotson Laycock, vicar of Hackthorn, Cammeringham, Ingham and Owersby for upwards of 40 years, had a notion that Newport Arch, being very old, was likely to fall, and whenever he rode into Lincoln, on reaching Newport he put in his ..."