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Sense Drewry

1756 - Sep 1823

Life History



24th Jan 1756

Christened in Saint Mary Le Wigford;


Married Edward Wilcockson in Lincoln St Martin.


Birth of son Edward Drewry Wilcockson in Lincoln.

28th Apr 1806

Married George Robson in St Albans, Wood Street, London

Sep 1823



Sense was named after her grandmother, Sense Wilson.
See the tree in Sense's mother Ann's page.

From IGI

Christening: 24 JAN 1756, Saint Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln
Mother: ANN


In 1786, Sense married Edward Wilcockson (widower) at Lincoln St Martin.


Sense_Drewry_Wilcockson_1786.jpgParish record details from Findmypast:

Marriage between Sense Drewry (single, of the parish, age 21 (should this read 'over 21' as normal?)
and Edward Wilcockson (widowed and from 'elsewhere') at Lincoln St Martin.

The actual record, on the right shows Sense's signature. The witnesses are:
J Charlesworth, and
Francis Swan
(the Swan family are mentioned in her cousin Sarah Durance's page).

On 28th April, 1806, Sense married George Robson (bachelor) at St Albans Wood Street City of London by license.
(Witnesses: John Tillotson Laycock and Hannah Sayer - who, a year later, married each other.)

Sense was buried at St John the Baptist, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, on 17th September 1823, age 68.

Main points of, and notes re, Will of Sense Robson:

* Sense Robson died 9th or 10th October 1823 as Widow of George Robson.
* On the 26th April 1806 she had been Sense Wilcockson, widow, and soon to marry George Robson (see below).
* Her mother-in-law at the time of the will is Catherine Robson.
* Sense was Sister to Samuel Drewry (deceased)
* She was Aunt to Samuel, Maria and Louise Drewry, and aunt/godmother of Henry Runciman Drewry.
* Sense had a 'half-brother' John Tillotson Laycock (d. 1817).
* Sense was Aunt to Mary Ann Laycock, daughter of John Tillotson Laycock.
* Mary Ann Laycock was unmarried in 1823.

* On the 26th April 1806 Sense was party to a three way deal regarding a Building "used as a Theatre for a Company of comedians situated in or adjoining to a Yard belonging to the Arms Inn in the parish of Saint Martins in the City of Lincoln". The parties in the deal were a. George Robson; b. Sense Tillotson; c. Samuel Drewry and John Tillotson Laycock. It appears that on her mariage Sense gained sole control of the building and in her will leaves it to her Drewry nieces Maria and Louisa.
[This building would eventually become the Lincoln Theatre Royal.]

* The executors of Sense's will are Samuel Drewry and John Sayer
   (John's sister, Hannah Sayer was witness to Sense's marriage to George Robson)
* The witnesses to her will are Benjamin B. Goodman, Frederic Thorpe (Thorne?), and Robert Nickson

Marriage Settlement - Cultural Collections Website Lincolnshire County Council.

AccNo: 1972/038:00; Document Reference Number: BRA 1693/1
Record Details:
Marriage Settlement; Date: 19 Feb 1824
1. James Painter of Howland Street, Fitzroy Square, Middlesex, surgeon,
2. Louisa Ann Manley Drewry of Howland Street, spinster,
3. Samuel Drewry, Lieutenant on board HMS Ramillies, and Henry Runciman Drewry of Howland Street, esq.
Consideration: Marriage between 1. and 2. Reciting: (inter alia) marriage settlement of 25 & 26 Apr 1804 concerning the marriage of George Robson and Sense Wilcockson, with Samuel Drewry and John Tillotson Laycock as trustees; also the will of Sense Robson of Peterborough, widow, in which (inter alia) she left the Theatre building etc in the parish of St Martin, Lincoln, to Maria Drewry and her other niece Louisa Ann Manley Drewry.
Moiety of the Theatre building etc situated in a yard belonging to the Kings Arms in the parish of St Martin, Lincoln, on various trusts.
Endorsed: Lease and Release
1) Samuel Drewry and Henry Runciman Drewry,
2) James Painter. Whereas Louisa Ann Manley Painter died on 15 Mar last, and her husband became entitled to the above moiety, 1. release the moiety of the Theatre to 2, and other investments mentioned in the above deed.
Consideration: 10s. 28 & 29 Jan 1830