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Richard Hardinge Stewart

1st Jul 1827 - 1895

Life History

1st Jul 1827

Born in St Pancras

15th Aug 1827

Baptised in St Pancras

8th Dec 1848

Married Mary Ann Cornell in Trinity Church, Marylebone


Baptism Record

Richard Hardinge Stewart Baptism

FreeBMD records the following:

Marriage: Dec 1848, Stewart Richard Hardinge, Marylebone, 1, 257

Marriage Record

Richard Hardinge Stewart Marriage

On the 8th December, 1848, in Trinity Church, Marylebone, Richard Hardinge Stewart marries Mary Ann Cornell.

Both are of 'full age'.
Richard is living at 45, Clipstone St; Mary Ann in Lichfield St.
Mary Ann is daughter of Daniel Cornell, a farmer.
The witnesses are Benjamin Smith and Elizabeth Baxter.
Richard signs himself as 'R. Hardinge Stewart Junr.'

In the 1851 Census in London:

R Harding Stewart JnrHead28Clerk War Officeb. St Pancras, Middlesex
Mary A StewartWife27b. Enfield, Middlesex
Mary RutlandServant20b. Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire

R_H_Stewart_passport_1854.jpg On August 1st, 1854, Richard obtained a passport.

In the 1871 Census of Canada
he is in Stephenson Township, Muskoka, with a new wife.

Richard StewartHead45b. England
Mary StewartWife30b. Ireland


The image [source] on the right shows part of the land owned by Richard.

Work party at Pitman's Bay Boy Scout Camp, Mary Lake, Huntsville, Ontario, June 1953, facing east.

... The workers in the photo are digging by hand, the post holes for a new dining lodge. The original owner of the property was Richard H. Stewart in 1871. The name 'Pitman' given to the Bay, cannot be found in any records. ... The area is now owned and controlled by the Town of Huntsville."


The Map of Stephenson Township from that era shows Richard's lakeside property, and an island in the lake apparently named 'Stewart Island'.

Google Maps show that the island is now called Bonner Island.

In the 1881 Census of Canada Richard is a widower, living alone in Parry Sound & Parry Island, Muskoka, Ontario:

Richard H. Stewart, 52, Widowed, Clerk Div.Court, Catholic, b. 1829, England

In 1881 or 1882 Richard married Mary J Malone

Sometime in 1881 or 1882, Richard must have married Mary J Malone the mother of his children.

Children listed on

Margaret Katharine, 13 April 1883, McDougall Township
Mary Lillian, 17 June 1886, McDougall Township
Pauline Bernadette, 29 July 1888, Muskoka/Parry Sound
James Alphonsus Harding, 25 April 1890, Town of Parry Sound

(Birth dates and Mother's maiden name for Margaret and Mary are found in IGI)

In the 1891 Census of Canada
in Parry Sound

R H StewartHead63court clerkb. England
Mary StewartWife32b. Ireland
Margaret StewartDaughter8b. Ontario
Mary L StewartDaughter5b. Ontario
Pauline StewartDaughter3b. Ontario
James StewartSon10mthsb. Ontario
Mary McLeanServant8domesticb. Scotland

RHS_Burial_1895.jpg Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario - Page 29
by Ontario Legislative Assembly - Ontario - 1889

"Richard Hardinge Stewart, Esq., appointed on the 28th April Local Registrar of the High Court of Justice at Parry Sound, Clerk of the District Court of Muskoka and Parry Sound, and Deputy Registrar of the Surrogate Court for the District of Muskoka and Parry Sound."

Death Registration:

"Richard Harding Stewart died 8 April 1895, aged 67, in Parry Sound of general weakening of system and stricture of oesophagus. He was Magistrate of the High Court of Justice and a retired army officer." (Source: Diane Shaw)

In the 1901 Census of Canada [Source]

Mary J StewartHeadW 37b. Jun 24, 1863
Margurite C StewartDaughterS17b. Apr 13, 1883Book Keeper
Mary L StewartDaughterS 14b. Jun 17, 1886
Pauline B StewartDaughterS12b. Jul 29, 1889
James A StewartSonS10b. Apr 25, 1890
Jos SchnerrLodgerS26b. Dec 12, 1875
Annie KellyLodgerM 26b. Mar 15, 1875
Edward KellyLodgerM 27b. May 31, 1874
Margret MaloneLodgerW64 b. 1836Mother?

After Richard's death, Mary seems to have become 4 or 5 years younger. Her birth year fluctuates in the next couple of censuses and is recorded as 1863 in her death record (below). Her birth year, if we go by the 1871 and 1881 censuses in her parents' house (below) should be 1859 or 1860.

In 1904

Death: Pauline Bernadette Stewart, died 29 Nov 1904, of appendicitis, age 16. Living at Gibson Street.


In 1905 [Source]

Marriage: Marguerite Catherine Stewart, 21, married Sidney Percy Cook, 23, 2 Jan 1905, Parry Sound.

"Sidney Percy Cooke, 24, lumberman, Ottawa, Southampton s/o Sidney P. Cooke and Jane Loukes married Marguerite Catharine Stewart, 21, Parry Sound, d/o Richard H. Stewart and Mary Jane Malone;
Witn: Mary Lilian Stewart and Della M. Kennedy both of Parry Sound, January 2, 1905, Parry Sound."

In the 1911 Census of Canada [Source] in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan:

Percy CookHeadM31b. Sep, 1879
Margaret CookWifeM 21b. Apr, 1889
Pauline CookDaughterS 5b. Oct, 1905
Stewart CookSonS10mthsb. Aug, 1900
Lillian StewartSister-in-lawS25b. Jun, 1886
Mary StewartMotherW45b. Jun, 1865

In the 1916 Census of Canada in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan:

Sydney R W CookHeadM35b. Quebec
Margaret CookWifeM 34b. Ontario
Pauline CookDaughterS 11b. Ontario
Stewart CookSonS5b. Ontario
Mary StewartMother-in-lawW55b. England, moved to Saskatchewan 1911, nurse
Alphonse StewartBrother-in-lawS26b. Ontario, brakeman
(Source: Diane Shaw)

WW1 Attestation Papers

James Alphonse Hardine Stewart, b Parry Sound, 25 April 1891, brakeman; next of kin: Mrs Mary Jane Stewart of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, signed up in Moose Jaw 2 Dec 1914. (Source: Diane Shaw)

In 1918, James Alphonse Hardinge Stewart, 'private, 16th Canadian Scottish Regiment', administers the supplementary probate of Richard Hardinge Stewart (senior).
He also appears in the following (which we cannot access).

James Alphonese (sic) Hardinge Stewart - arrives in Quebec 1919 -1924
James Alphonse (sic) Hardinge Stewart - died 1927 Welland [Ontario]
James Alphonso Stewart - marriage in Miama-Dade Florida. No date.

The last record (James Alphonso Stewart) may not be a reference to James Alphonse Harding Stewart.

Death: James Alphonsus Harding Stewart, brakeman MCR, at place of death: 7 yrs, died of injuries from being run over by train 24 Oct 1927, burial: Fairview Cemetery.
Informant: Sister, Mrs W C Jepson of Niagara Falls. Welland County. (Source: Diane Shaw)

Death: Mary Stewart, b 24 June 1863, England; died 18 June 1929 of cerebral haemorrhage at Niagara Falls; d/o Mathew Malone b Ireland & Margaret Hart, b Ireland.
Informant: Mrs W C Jepson, daughter, burial: Mt Hope in Toronto. (Source: Diane Shaw)

Mrs W C Jepson must be Lillian married to W C Jepson, as Margaret dies as 'Cooke':

Death: Margaret Stewart Cook, 53, wife of Sidney Cook, d/o Richard H Stewart, b England, & Mary Malone, b England, died 30 April 1930, of sub arachnoid haemorrhage/arteriosclerosis at St Michael's Hospital. Burial: Mt Hope, Toronto, York County.
Informant: S W P Cook, 43 Wanless Ave. (Source: Diane Shaw)

The Malones

In the 1871 Census of Canada, Sydenham, Grey Township:

Matthew Malone33labourerRCb. Ireland
Margaret Malone38b. Ireland
Mary J Malone12b. England
James Malone6b. Ontario
Christopher Malone3b. Ontario

In the 1881 Census of Canada, Hagerman & McKellar, Parry Sound District:

Matthew Malone46farmerRCb. Ireland
Margaret Malone48b. Ireland
Mary Jane Malone21b. England
James Malone17b. Ontario
Christopher Malone13b. Ontario

Matthew, Margaret and James are still in McKellar on 1891 census. No Christopher on any 1891 Ontario census.

Death: Margaret Malone, aged 75, b Dublin, Ireland, died Christie Township, Parry Sound District, 29 March 1909, Lot 18 Concession 8. No informant. Died of old age.

Other Notes

In 1928, a Richard H Stewart, lawyer, aged 69, US citizen arrived in England by boat from New York - intending to stay at 1, Cockspur St, London.

In 1915, 'Capt R H Stewart' was an officer in the 10th Alberta Battalion.