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John Buschman

1811 - 9th Apr 1875

Life History


Born in Surinam, Guyana


Birth of daughter Caroline Rudolphine Buschman in Surinam

09 Jan 1850

Married Hannah Jane Campion Holloway in Kensington


Birth of son John Holloway Buschman in Notting Hill

11th June 1857

Birth of daughter Annie Maria Mary Buschman in Notting Hill


Death of Hannah Jane Campion Holloway in Kensington

9th Apr 1875

Died in Kensington


In the census of 1811 a child, J. Buschman is recorded living with J. Buschman and M.E. Bijval.

1817 John, aged 6, is taken to Amsterdam for his education, by his mother, Majorin Elizabdeth. Eight years later Majorin returns to Suriname. We do not know whether her children returned with her but we do know that John was in Suriname in 1835.

In June, 1827, a Surinam newspaper records an FJ Buschman leaving the colony. This is most likely a mis-transcription of TJ Buschman, for Theodore Johannes, this John's eldest brother.

In June, 1836 in Suriname, John is the father of Caroline Rudolphine.

In April, 1841 John left Suriname with Caroline, his mother Majorin and his siter Maria .

JohnBuschman_secretary1848.jpg In July, 1848, in the London Standard: John is shown as the Secretary of the Metal-Cored Railway Sleeper Company, announcing a Special General Meeting. (Charles Stewart, husband of Laurentia, John's sister, is standing counsel for the company.)

It is quite likely that the Special General meeting is being called to wind up the comany:

"The Metal-Cored Railway Sleeper Company .. had a proposed capital of £100,000, but was wound up after having made £19 worth of sales in seven months. "
['The British Patent System and the Industrial Revolution 1700-1852'. Sean Bottomley. Ref: National Archives, London, BT 41/544/2989]

Buschman_John_marriage.jpg In April, 1850, John and Hannah's marriage record shows that John is a widower.

His father is Johann (John) Buschman, a merchant.
Hannah's father is James Thomas Holloway, Doctor of Divinity. (Author of a number of religious books.)
The report in 'The Gentleman's Magazine' suggests that he has been living or based in Suriname and implies that he is now resident in England.

The witnesses to the marriage of John Buschman and Hannah Jane Campion Holloway, were:

C Stewart Drewry
C R Buschman (Caroline Rudolphine Buschman, John's daughter).

Although she was born in 1836 - and is only 14 years old - Caroline is, according to customs of the time, of an age to be a witness, and a good one since she will live for a long time.
Her youth balances out Charles Stewart's age of 45. Witnesses were generally of the same generation as the couple being married so that they would live as long as the marriage. (Possibly the witness is Charles Stewart's son, also named Charles Stewart.)

< b>In the 1851 census, at 1, Notting Hill Grove,

John BushmanHeadMar40Bookeeper to Stockbrokerb. Surinam S America British Subject
Hannah H BushmanWifeMar34b. Whitby, Yorkshire
John H BushmanSon0b. Kensington, Middlesex
Mary A JohnsonServantUnm40Servantb. Norfolk
Ellen CastleServantUnm21Servantb. Norfolk
Ann StackPupil12Scholarb. New Zealand British Subject
Kate StackPupil10Scholarb. New Zealand British Subject
Edward StackPupil8Scholarb. New Zealand British Subject
Emily Stack Pupil6Scholarb. New Zealand British Subject
Clara OliverPupil6Scholarb. U K

In 1855, The Staffordshire Advertiser (18th Aug., 1855) records the death of John's father-in-law J.T. Holloway in his son-in-law's house.

Obituary of J.T. Holloway

In the 1861 Census at 1, Notting Hill Grove, Kensington. His wife is now called Annie Jane and the name now is Buschman rather than Bushman.

John Buschman50'Cashier & Bookkeeper to Shipbroker' b. Surinam Guyana Brit Sub
Annie Jane Buschman44Wifeb. Whitby, Yorkshire
John H Buschman10Sonb. Kensington, Middlesex
Annie M M Buschman3Daughterb. Kensington, Middlesex
Susanna Williams19Servantb. London, Middlesex

In the 1871 Census Living at 39, Ladbroke Road, Kensington

John Buschman60widower, Commercial clerk and Accountantb. Surinam, British Subject
Caroline Buschman34Daughter, unmarriedb. Surinam, British Subject
John Buschman20Son, Clerk b. Notting Hill, London, England
Annie Buschman13 Daughter, Scholarb. Notting Hill, London
Henry Saxelbye21Lodgerb. Kingston On Hull
Ann Peat36Servantb. Liverpool, Lancashire

Death announcement in the London Times:

On the 9th inst. (April, 1875), of Bright's disease, John Buschman, Esq., of No. 39, Ladbroke Road, Notting Hill, and late of Surinam, Guiana, aged 64 years.

John Buschman is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, along with:
Hannah Jane Campion Buschman, d. 1870
Mary E Holloway, d. 1875 (Hannah's sister)
Maria E Buschman, d. 1879 (John's sister)
John H Buschman, d. 1931 (son)
[Source: Paul Mathias]

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Marriage: Mar 1850, Buschman, John, Kensington 3 243
Death: Jun 1875, Buschman, John, 64,Kensington 1a 62