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Theodore John Buschman

1798 - 1848

Life History

15th October, 1798

Born in Suriname

29th May 1823

Married Jane Runciman

8th Jan 1825

Birth of son Thomas Wilkinson Buschman in Rotterdam

9th January 1826

Birth of daughter Jane Majorine Buschman in Rotterdam


Death of son Thomas Wilkinson Buschman

3rd January 1848

Died in Suriname


Theodore Johannes Ernst Bijval, Baptism Record

Theodore Johannes Ernst Bijval_med.jpg

In the 1811 census Theodore is listed as Theodore Bijval.

It is likely that he was born to Majorin before her relationship with John Buschman and that he was adopted by John, or that later on he took his stepfather's name (including the 'John').
Theodore is still named named Bijval in John's 1814 will.

In June, 1821 a Surinam Newspaper records TJ Buschman as represented by E. Matroos. Perhaps he is 'represented' because he was abroad, maybe in Rotterdam.

In 1822 Theodore became part owner of (had a 1/3rd share in) a Dutch 3-masted cargo sailing ship – the 'Paramaribo. The ship appears to have had a short, unhappy life; damaged in 1815 possibly on its first voyage returning from Suriname. (Possibly as a result of being attacked - but the record is brief and in Dutch) The ship appears to have made three more voyages before sinking in April 1828. [source]

In The Times, 27th June, 1823:


Theodore Buschman and Jane Runciman Marriage record The list of witnesses to Theodore's marriage confirms the strong relationships between the Buschman and Drewry families.

Theodore and Jane's Marriage and Witnesses, 1823:

The witnesses to the marriage of Theodore John Buschman and Jane Runciman were:

Sophia Runciman ( Jane's sister)
Charles Runciman (Jane's brother)
Maria Buschman
Amelia Buschman. (Laurentia Buschman's sister)
Richard Hardinge Stewart (married Caroline Buschman 3 years later.)

In 1824 in The Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 16th August, Theodore's wife (identified as 'the Proprieter' is selling their house and possessions before leaving to live in Rotterdam


In The Times, 19th January, 1825:

TJBuschmanA Son.jpg

In January 1826, Theodore and Jane's son died. Later in the year, Jane gave birth to a daughter.

In May, 1826 Theodore was a witness to the marriage of Richard Hardinge Stewart and Caroline Buschman, in England.

The other witness was his sister, Maria E Buschman

In June, 1827 an FJ Buschman is recorded leaving the colony of Suriname.[This probably is a transcription error and should be 'TJ' ]

In 1835, a 'J. J. Buschman' was 'Blank-Officier' (White Officer) at a similar sized plantation called 'Ellen'. [probably T.J. Buschman] A 'J Buschman' was Blank-Officier at a larger plantation called 'La Jalousie'. Could Theodore have been an officer of two estates at the same time?

In 1836 a 'J. Buschman' was Director of the Rozenburg sugar Plantation.

In 1839 a 'Buschman' was Director of the large Sardam sugar Plantation.

In 1840, an F.J. Buschman is Director at the 'Boxel' Plantation. [probably T.J. Buschman]

In 'The Sun', (London), 24th March, 1848: