John Henry Glanvill Catherine Barbara Glanvill Cosmo Stewart Glanvill Cathe Moody Runciman Mini tree diagram

Thomas William Glanvill

1800 - 1853

Life History



6th Dec 1820

Married Cathe Moody Runciman in Marylebone


Birth of son John Henry Glanvill


Birth of daughter Catherine Barbara Glanvill


Birth of son Cosmo Stewart Glanvill


Death of Cathe Moody Runciman


died in Melbourne, Australia


As well as John, Catherine and Cosmo in the tree above, there are six other children (not included in the tree).

Ellen Glanvill, born 1826
Caroline Glanvill, born 1826
Edward Glanvill, born 1827
Maria Glanvill, born 1828
Josephine Glanvill born 13 Aug 1834; Baptised 27 Nov. 1834 at St Mary Paddington.
Reginald Glanvill, born 6 April 1837; Baptised 24 Nov. 1837 at St John's Paddington.

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Thomas William Glanvill was educated at Rugby under Mr Arnold. Later he was placed by his guardians to study farming under Mr William Runciman of Birchmore (believed to be Doxford) Bedfordshire.

Thomas married William Runciman's daughter Cathe Moody in 1820. They lived in Westminster for more than a year after their marriage. Then they purchased the estate of Pickford Lodge, Ticehurst. William and Cathe lived there for ten or twelve years and then he returned to London, so that William could study medicine at the Middlesex Hospital, during which time they resided in Oxford Terrace W.

Subsequently Dr Glanville practised in Sutton Courtney Berks., and later in Windsor.
He was reputed by those who knew to be a very clever Surgeon.

In the 1841 census at Turnpike House, Sutton Courtney:

Glanvill, Thomas M 41
Glanvill, Catherine F 44
Glanvill, Ellen F 15
Glanvill, Maria F 13
Glanvill, Edward M 14
Glanvill, John M 12
Glanvill, Caroline F 15
Glanvill, Catherine F 10
Glanvill, Reginald M 4
Glanvill, Cosmo Stewart M 2
Edginton, Haster F 26 Berkshire
Baker, Henry M 22 Berkshire

In the 1851 census at William Street, New Windsor:

Glanville, Thomas Wm Head Mar. 51 Surgeon b. Westminster, Middlesex
Glanville, Cath Wife Mar. 54 b. Paddington, Middlesex
Glanville, Cath B Daughter Unm. 20 b. Ticehurst, Sussex
Glanville, Cosmo Stewart Son 12 Scholar b. City of London
Tiller, Lucy Servant Unm.16 b. Spital, Berkshire

Note: In the 1841 census the name is 'Glanvill'; in the 1851 census the name is 'Glanville'(with an 'e').

Dr Glanville returned to London in 1852 to take up work there. But his wife died the same year and he went to Melbourne Australia, taking with him his two younger sons Reginald and Cosmo.
(Coincidentally, Charles, Glanville's brother-in-law, had for a while owned a farm near Sydney in Australia.)

Excerpt from Kanssen Family Notes transcribed from handwritten document (1927)

The following transcription was provided by Mike Kanssen. (Thankyou Mike.) He says that the notes were written for his mother when she was born, probably by Irene Frances de Carteret Ollard (1887-1958).
It is good to see that the document confirm some of the notes above. Although the date of William's death conflict with the newspaper announcement.
I have emphasised some of the names.

Edward Glanville father of Thomas William & Emily (wife of Edward Simon Stephenson) dies in 1807 leaving his two children wards in Chancery. He lived in de la Haye St, Westminster.

The Treehurst Estate was purchased for his son Thomas William Glanville on his marriage with Katherine Moody Runciman.

The three Tigers heads alluded to are the Runciman arms & are quartered with T W Glanville's in light of his marriage with that family.


The Glanville are a very old family of Norman descent the original home was 'Kilworthy' Tavistock at some time the family - or some of them - moved to 'Catchfrench' St Germans near Plymouth. It is marked on modern Ordinance maps and appears to stand in a small park. It was from Catchfrench that Elizabeth Glanville came when she married Simon Stephenson. Until quite recently Glanvilles have been living at Catchfrench & they may be there now (1927) The old house has been rebuilt.

In the arums of 'the Ancient family of Glanville of Devonshire' now in the possession of the Rev S R G Murray the 'e' is omitted (i.e. Glanvill).

[This seems partly to be a repetition of the opening paragraph]
Edward Glanville of de la Haye St, Westminster married Margaret Batie [Bertie] & had his children, Thomas William & Emily - who married her cousin Edward Simon Stephenson. Edward Glanville died in 1804 [1807 above] leaving his two children wards in chancery. The guardians were Mr Bellamy & Mr Keir.

Thomas William Glanville (born 1800) was educated at Rugby under Mr Arnold. Later he was placed by his guardians to study farming under Mr William Runciman of Birchmore. (Doxford)xxxxxx? Bedfordshire, whose daughter Katherine Moody he married in 1821. They resided in Westminster for over a year after the marriage , when the estate of Pickford lodge Ticehurst (now called Pictyous) was purchased. There had ten or twelve years when he returned to London to study medicine at the xxxxxxxxxxxxx? His pilal [?] brewing which time they resided in Oxford Terrace W.

Subsequently Dr Glanville practised in Sutton Courtney Berks. & later in Windsor. Returning to London in 1852 to take up work there, but his wife dying the same year, he went to Melboune Australia taking with him his two younger sons Reginald & Cosmo where he died early in 1859.

Dr Glanville's third daughter Caroline Emma married Surgeon Major Thomas Hamilton Murray HM Indian Army.

The Murray family - of which the Duke of Atholl is the head - is of Irish Scotch descent. The Irish being the older branch.

Record of services of T H Murray MD from 1845 -1879 Surgeon Major HM Indian Army.
Sep 1845 - Dec 1850 in permanent medical charge of civil status of Chumparum.
In medical charge of HM's troops on board the ship 'Buckinghamshire' when that vessel was totally destroyed by fire at the 'Sandheads' on the night of March 3rd 1851.
Thanked by the Government for his courage & resolution in saving the lives of the sick at great personal risk.
Leave on medical certificate to Europe for 3 years to May 1854 (married Caroline Emma Glanville Dec 15 1853 at Hampstead Parish Church)
In medical charge of Nowgong in Assam from Aug 1854 - March 1855.
Appointed by Lord Wallhouse to the permanent medical charge of an infantry regiment at Nagpore central India. But owing to fever contracted in Assam could not join and was obliged to take leave on medical certificate to Europe from may 1855 to Sept 1856
In permanent medical charge of the 7th regiment Cavalier contingent from Oct 1857 to June 3rd 1857. Regiment mutinied on the night of June 3rd 1857.
Served throughout the mutinies (July 1857 - march 1858 at Neemuch in medical charge of staff & details Neemuch Superintendency & Political Agency.
Present in medical charge of details 83rd regiment at the attack on the mutineers on the night of the 12th Aug 1857.
Present in medical charge of the volunteers cavalry & Artillery in the action of Nimbahera 19th Sept 1857.
Present in medical charge of the infantry in action at Faerun 23rd October 1857 - wounded slightly.)
Present in medical charge of the cavalry in the repulse given to the murdersom rebels on the 8th Nov 1857.
Was one of the Neemuch Garrison during the defence of the fortified square against the murdersom rebels from the 9th to the 22nd Nov 1857 was mentioned for his gallantry in the dispatches of Major Simpson & Major Lloyd.
Present in medical charge of a squadron 2nd Bombay Light Calvary at the siege & capture of Kotah March 1858.
In medical charge of the Meena Corps (now Deole irregular force) April 1855.
In permanent medical charge of the Mhair Regiment Aymere 2 July 1858 - nov23 1860.
In permanent medical charge of the Civil station Aymere from Nov 23 to April 7th 1879 when he died, just as he was leaving for home. He is buried in the cemetery in Aymere with his two eldest sons.

Thomas Hamilton Murray married Caroline Emma Glanville Dec 6th 1853 at Hampstead Parish Church.
Edward Hamilton 1859-1864
Arthur Glanville 1861-1863
Catherine Isabella 1863-?
Samual Reginald Glanville 1869-?

Samual Reginald Glanville Murray educated at Westminster school & Durham University
BA 1890 MA 1901
Deacon 1892
Priest 1893 Worcester Church of Bromsgrove 1892 -1894
ditto Ewell 1894-1898
Vicar of Waindestowe in the gift of HRH the Prince of Wales (Edward VII) 1898-1901
Joined prison service:
Assistant chaplain HMP Wosswood? south 1901-1902
Chaplain HMP Warwick & Stoke Mebrake Reformatory Warwick 1902-1906
Chaplain HMP Lewes 1906-1909
Chaplain HMP Holloway 1909-?


Death: Mar 1947, Murray, Samuel R G, 78, Bath, 7c 31