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Jane Runciman

1793 - 8th Jan 1868

Life History



29th May 1823

Married Theodore John Buschman

8th Jan 1825

Birth of son Thomas Wilkinson Buschman in Rotterdam

9th January 1826

Birth of daughter Jane Majorine Buschman in Rotterdam


Death of son Thomas Wilkinson Buschman

8th Jan 1868

Died in Marylebone

Theodore Buschman and Jane Runciman Marriage record


Jane's Birth Date

The record of Jane's death, in January 1868, has her age a 74 - giving a probable birth date in 1793.

Jane's age in the 1851 census (53) suggests a birth in 1797/8

and her age in the 1861 census (67) suggests a birth in 1793/4

In 1823 the witnesses to the marriage of Theodore John Buschman and Jane Runciman were:

Sophia Runciman ( Jane's sister)
Charles Runciman (Jane's brother)
Maria Buschman
Amelia Buschman (Laurentia Buschman's sister)

In 1824 in The Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 16th August, Jane (identified as 'the Proprieter' is selling their house and possessions before leaving to live in Rotterdam


In The Times, 19th January, 1825:

TJBuschmanA Son.jpg

Brunswick Terrace In the 1841 census

Jane Buschman, 43, a Schoolmistress is listed along with her sister, Sophia Runciman, at Brunswick Terrace (Sophia is headmistress).

Sophia Runciman died in 1842 and Jane probably took over as headmistress.

In 1851, in Sussex, at 32, Brunswick Terrace:

Jane BuschmanHeadWidow53 Mistress of Ladies Schoolb. London
Jane M BuschmanDaughterUnm24b. 'Rotterdam British Subject'
with 29 other women (from 9 to 40 yrs of age) in the same household.

In the 1861 census.

there are, at 25 York Place, in St Marylebone, Middlesex:

Theodora BuschmanHeadWid67b. Covent Garden, Middlesex
Jeannie M BuschmanDaughterUnm.30 b. Rotterdam.
Isabella Carrathers ServantUnm.29House Servant b. Croydon, Surrey

Has Jane adopted a feminine version of her late husband's name?

It seems likely that 'Jeannie M' is 'Jane M' however there do seem to be age discrepancies.

Covent Garden is the area in which a number of Runcimans were born.

Theodora's age in the 1861 census fits with the burial record of Jane Buschman.

Probate - See Jane's Probate and her Will

Jane Buschman - Probate

The probate shows that Jane was survived by her daughter Jane Majorine Buschman

Burial Record



Death: Mar 1868, Buschman  Jane,  74,  Marylebone,  1a 421
Death: Dec 1912, Jane M,  85  Lambeth  1d 444