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Isabella Runciman

1805 - 1885

Life History

13th April 1805



Died in Hampstead


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Birth: 13 APR 1805
Christening: 19 AUG 1805 Woburn, Bedford, England

In the 1841 Census, in a school in Montpellier Road, Brighton:

Ann Runciman, 35, Artist
Isabella Runciman, 35, Teacher.

In the 1851 Census, 2. Oxford Terrace, Marylebone (the house of James Woodford, Watchmaker):

Isabella Runciman, Unmarried, 45, Private Governess, b. 'Bedfordshire Woburn'

In the 1861 Census, in Ulverstone, Lancashire:

Isabella Runciman, Unmarried, 55, Private Governess, b. 'Bedfordshire Woburn'



Isabella's Will

The will is dated 18th Feb 1879, with a codicil dated 24th Nov 1882, for Isabella Runciman who died on 20th March 1885.

It is a long and detailed will, mentioning lots of relatives - Runcimans, Buschmans and Drewrys. The main beneficiary seems to be her niece Jessy Fraser Runciman.

The Executors and Trustees were Henry Runciman Drewry and Henry Stewart Drewry.

The main provisions:

Jessy Fraser Runciman and Mercy Matilda Runciman, "daughters of my late brother Charles Runciman",- receive "my silver cup for their lives and on their death they may bequeath it to a member of the family".

My niece Jessy Fraser Runciman - my plate and my jewels, watches ... furniture ... pictures ... musical instruments ... etc.

Maria Buschman, sister of the husband (Theodore Buschman) of my late sister Jane (Runciman) - £40.

Several bequests to other nephews and nieces:

Caroline Murray
Maria Glanvill
Emily Catherine Runciman
Jane Marjorine Buschman
Edward Henry Glanvill
John Henry Glanville

There is a large amount of legal stuff concerning her inheritance from her late sister Sophia Runciman. The inheritance seems to go to her sister Elizabeth Runciman for life and then to Jessy Fraser Runciman.The residue of Isabella's estate also seems to go to Jessy.

However, Jessy pre-deceased Isabella in 1883 and according to the will - "in case of her death in my lifetime" - her money would go to her executors (although the money inherited from Sophia would go to surviving nephews and nieces.)

As Isabella was a spinster all her inheritance presumably went to her sister Mercy.

There is a later codicil attached to her Will, written on the death of Henry Stewart Drewry in 1882 replacing him as executor and trustee with Ellen Buckingham Drewry (his sister).
Probate was granted to Ellen Buckingham Drewry on Isabella's death in 1885. (Her co-executor Henry Runciman Drewry was 85 then and died a year later).

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Death: Mar 1885 - Runciman Isabella 79 Hampstead 1a 501