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Cathe Moody Runciman

1796 - 1852

Life History

22 Aug 1796


6th Dec 1820

Married Thomas William Glanvill in Marylebone


Birth of son John Henry Glanvill


Birth of daughter Catherine Barbara Glanvill


Birth of son Cosmo Stewart Glanvill


Died in Whitechapel

19 Jun 1852

Buried in St Sepulchre, London


Catherine Moody Runciman is almost certainly named for the wife of Cosmas Henry Stewart.

1796 Baptism Record (in Saint James, Paddington, London)


Cathe Moody marriage entry
The marriage of Cathe Moody and William Glanville reported in 'The Gentleman's magazine'

Cathe Moody marriage entry The record of the marriage between Cathe Moody Runciman and Thomas William Glanvill at Marylebone in 1820.

The witnesses are:

Charles Runciman
Jane Runciman
Richard hardinge Stewart

Six other children (not included in the tree)

As well as John, Catherine and Cosmo in the tree above, there are:

Ellen Glanvill, born 1826
Caroline Glanvill, born 1826
Edward Glanvill, born 1827
Maria Glanvill, born 1828
Josephine Glanvill born 13 Aug 1834; Baptised 27 Nov. 1834 at St Mary Paddington.
Reginald Glanvill, born 6 April 1837; Baptised 24 Nov. 1837 at St John's Paddington.

Cathe Moody Obituary


Death: Jun 1852 - Glanvill Catherine Moody, Whitechapel, 1c 236