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James Fava Wood

about 1811 - 1885

Life History

about 1811

Born in Savona, Italy

5th July 1842

Married Margaret Miller Watt in Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

about 1844

Birth of daughter Isabella Fava Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

2nd May 1845

Birth of son Laurence Fava Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

9th Apr 1847

Married Jane Easton in Edinburgh


Birth of daughter Margaret Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

13th Mar 1849

Birth of daughter Julia Fava Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland


Birth of son James Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

15th Apr 1854

Birth of son Frederick Villes Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

2nd May 1855

Birth of daughter Mary Fava Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

20th Jan 1858

Birth of son Vincent Fava Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

6th Jan 1860

Birth of daughter Ann Easton Wood in Edinburgh, Scotland

17th Apr 1862

Birth of son Alfred Fava Wood in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland


In his daughter Julia's marriage certificate, in 1878, James is described as 'Surgical Hosier'
In his daughter Ann's marriage record, in 1881, James is described as 'Merchant'

Family Notes (1):
"Charles  Drewry m Julia Theresa Favar (Italian for wood). Lived Castleman Barnes." (Note; Julia cremated in Barnes.)
The name is actually 'Fava'. Neither 'fava' nor 'favar' can be found in translation sites to mean anything to do with 'wood'. Fava in Italian means bean. In English there are many recipes that use 'fava beans' - broad beans.

"Julia Theresa Favar was born in Edinburgh. Her mother was Scottish Born Edinburgh(?). Her father: 'Favar wine shipper' with ' Della Fava' written above this."
The name Theresa is known in different branches of the family but does not seem to appear in official documents.

Family Notes (2):
In Annie Isabella's branch of the family they have the name 'Fava' as being associated with an Italian count - the Conte de Fava.
I do not see this as being too fanciful, given what we know of the Drewry family history and connections with Europe. We have Charles' son James, for example, going off to France in his teens and apparently staying with the De Dion family there. Howevever 'della Fava' may just mean 'from Fava'.

However, in the 1871 census (below) James is recorded as being born in Savona, Italy.

Fava in Italy. I have found two Favas:

Possibly a view from Fava Fava 1

Fava in the foothills of the Alps, 1.2 km south of Champdepraz (about 100km north of Turin).
See Google Map.
If Julia's family actually came from Fava this is possibly it. There is no particular evidence of wine growing here. but it is not necessary for a wine importer to source wine from one's place of birth. However, it is quite possible that 150 years ago vines grew around Fava on south facing slopes even though it appears to be quite high.
Google maps suggests that Fava is little more than a couple of farms with the houses in a small hamlet. The Matterhorn (picture on right)is North of Fava, but whether one can actually see it from there is anyone's guess.

This Fava is about 100 km north of Savona.

Castello della Fava, Posada Fava 2

There is an ancient Castello della Fava, in Posada in Sardinia.
One would expect a 'Conte' to have a castle somewhere in his ancestry. Sardinia has plenty of wine for export, but did not become an Italian State until 1861.

Baron Fava

There is a Baron Saverio Fava (1832-1913). See e.g. Wikipedia.

1842 - Marriage 1 (From IGI)

Margaret Miller Watt
Father: James Watt
Spouse: James Wood
Marriage: 05 Jul 1842 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


1847 - Marriage 2 (From IGI)

Jane Easton
Father: James Easton
Spouse: James Wood
Marriage: 09 Apr 1847 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


James_Wood_1841_census.jpg In the 1841 Scotland Census, Address: a boarding house at 3, Register Street, Edinburgh

James Wood is shown as an 'Importer of leeches'. (The census also shows a Mary Inglis, 20, a 'Leecher' at the same address.)

The address is the same as that in the certificate of marriage to Margaret Watt.

His age has been altered but looks to be 25. Ages in the 1841 census were rounded down to the nearest 5 years, so his age is less than 30. Given the entries in later censuses he was probably 29.

The section asking if he was born in the parish is left blank – the enumerator should have put 'F' if he was born abroad.

JamesWood_1850.jpg In the 1851 Scotland Census, Address: 27 Clyde Street, Edinburgh, St Andrew

James Wood40'Importer of Leeches and Sponge'b. British Subject, USA (?)
Jane Wood27
Isabella Wood7
Laurence Wood5
Margaret Wood3
Julia Wood2
James Wood6 Mo
Ann Aitken40Childrens Nurse
Jane Cameron16House servant
Elizabeth Dobie40a visitor, Dressmaker

In the 1861 Scotland Census, the family (without either James) are living at 6, Union Place, Edinburgh, St Andrew.

They are living in the house of William Peters (35, 'House Agent') and his wife Margaret (30), who have one child: Helen Brown Peters (2).

Jane Wood37Perfumer (master)b. Midlothian Edinburgh
Isabella Wood17Perfumer (master)
Julia Wood12
Frederick Wood7
Mary Wood5
Vincent Wood3
Ann Wood1

Also living in the house are:
Jane Macrae, 21; James Speid, 23; Henry Carnham, 21; George Faloner, 20; Charlotte Martin, 20.

In the 1871 England Census at 18, William Street, West Ham

James WoodHead59'Surgical Truss and Bandage Maker,
Employing 3 Women and Family'
b. Savona, Italy
Jane WoodWife46b.Scotland, Edinboro'
Isabella Wooddaughter26Assistantb.Scotland, Edinboro'
Julia Wooddaughter21Assistantb.Scotland, Edinboro'
James Woodson20Assistantb.Scotland, Edinboro'
Frederick Woodson16Rail Clerkb.Scotland, Edinboro'
Vincent Woodson13Assistantb.Scotland, Edinboro'
Sarah MooreVisitor30Machinistb. Lancashire, Liverpool
Louisa C ClarkServant17Domestic Servantb. Essex, Stratford

[Snider Rifle?]

Also in the 1871 England Census at 16, Tidy Street, Brighton

William BarnardHead23'Clicker Snider' b. Bristol
Jane BarnardWife22Machinistb. Northampton
Beatrice N. Barnarddaughter9 mthsb. Sussex, Brighton
Mary Woodvisitor15b. Scotland
Annie Woodvisitor 11b. Scotland
Alfred Woodvisitor 9b. Scotland
Shadrach FinchLodger28Waiterb. Norwich

Are Mary, Annie and Alfred on holiday in Brighton?

I have not found any of the Woods in the 1881 census.

James probably died in 1885. In his son Vincent's marriage certificate on 2nd April 1885 he is not recorded as deceased but in that of another son, Alfred, on 23rd November, 1885, he is deceased.

Possible from FreeBMD

I cannot find an appropriate death record.
Possibly James died abroad.
I cannot find James or Jane in the 1881 census.

James Wood & Sons

Established: 1840.





Bankruptcy Discharge Records. [source]

There are two separate separate decrees – one for Clyde St and one for Broughton Street


By 1868 James appears to have relocated his business to York in England (and perhaps expanded to New York):


In 1867 James F Wood had an address in New York:


In 1868 James F Wood's patent is acknowledged: