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Cosmas Henry Stewart

7th Dec 1788 - 5th Feb 1805

Life History

7th Dec 1788

Born in St. Pancras.

5th Feb 1805

Died in The Shambles.


From IGI records: Cosmas Henry Stewart

Birth:   07 Dec 1788
Christening:  15 Apr 1801,  Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, Englan
Father:  Cosmas Henry Stewart
Mother:   Catharine

It is rather curious that the Christening is so long after the birth. The actual Baptism record (below) shows that Cosmas' son is christened the day after Samuel Drewry's son in the same church. Perhaps Samuel had reminded Cosmas of the need.
It could be that because Cosmas junior was born while Cosmas senior was at sea (April '88 to June '89) the Baptism/Christening had been overlooked.


In the Passenger List of the Excavation of the Wreck Site of the East-Indiaman Earl of Abergavenny,
Cosmas is listed as an infantry cadet (drowned) in the wreck.
A note says that his or his father's personal seal was recovered from the wreck.
His father was purser on the ship and survived.

In the Wyke Regis Millennium Booklet the wreck is described:

"In 1805 the East-Indiaman, 'Earl of Abergavenny' was holed on the Shambles and this led to the loss of some 300 souls. Eighty of these are buried in the church graveyard. Her captain, John Wordsworth, the brother of the poet William Wordsworth is buried on the south side of the church near the Buxton Vault but there is no stone to mark the grave."

"In the album of Wordsworth's cousin, Mary Smith, there is a contemporary transcript in Mary Hutchinson's hand .. Copied from the Monthly Mirror of 1805 / Page 142. One point of interest in this account is the source: not Burgoyne, but The purser Mr. Stewart." (Source)

The Wreck of the Earl of Abergavenny is described in more detail in Cosmas senior's page.