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Catherine Moody

1764 - 1833

Life History


Married Cosmas Henry Stewart in St Andrews, Holborn.

17th Dec 1788

Birth of son Cosmas Henry Stewart in St. Pancras.


Birth of son Richard Hardinge Stewart in St. Andrew Holborn.


Death of Cosmas Henry Stewart in Madras, India..


Died in Grove Street London


Cathe Moody marriage entry entry Cosmas Henry Stewart and Cathe Moody of St George Hanover Sq  married 1785 in St Andrews, Holborn.

CathMoodyDeathAnnouncement.jpg A Death Announcement appeared in the 'Asiatic Journal' in 1833.

Catherine Stewart's burial entry The burial record at St Pancras, Camden for Catherine Stewart shows that she was buried on the 23rd January 1833, aged 69, and had lived in Grove Street.

Thomas Allen Drewry's burial is also recorded in the St Pancras register, in August that year. He also lived in Grove Street.

Caroline Stewart, Catherine's daughter-in-law, also died in Grove Street in 1833.

The death entry for Catherine is among a number of others who died in Grove Street and are buried on the same day. These entries are followed by more buried on the same day and who died in the cholera hospital. There was an outbreak of cholera in London in 1832. It is likely that Catherine, Caroline, and Thomas Allen died in that epidemic.

From 'The survey of London', 1908:

"Grove Street is a fairly clean street of mixed poor and comfortably well-off people, but out of it to the east run many small streets that are dirty and poor."

Catherine Stewart's burial entry There is also, curiously a Marylebone burial record for a Catherine Moody who was buried 5 days before Catherine [Moody] Stewart, on 17th January 1833, aged 67, and who had lived in Buckingham Street.

The following appears to be the baptism record of this other Catherine Moody.
The absence of the father's name suggests the mother might not have been married.

Catherine Stewart's Baptism entry

Catherine Stewart's Will

Catherine Stewart's Will confirms that the woman who died in Grove Street was Cosmas Stewart's wife.

The copy of the will is quite difficult to read but the gist is as follows:

CatherineMoody1833DeathAnnouncement.jpg Dated 26th October 1831 Worthing
She is "the widow of the late Cosmas Henry Stewart purser in the Hon'ble( East India Company"
She gives her soul to God Almighty etc. etc.
She bequeaths "to my dearly beloved son Richard Hardinge Stewart of the War Office all and every thing real or personal I have" etc. etc.
She makes him her sole executor.

On Catherine's death in 1833, Henry Runciman Drewry and Charles Stewart Drewry appear personally to testify that they knew and were well acquainted with her and her handwriting etc. having seen her many times sign her name etc.
They also say Catherine was "formerly of Percy St. Rathbone Place and afterwards of Howland St, Fitzroy Square, both in the county of Middx, then of Worthing in the county of Sussex but late of Grove Street Camden Town in the county of Middx."
Henry Runciman Drewry's address is 3, Boyce Terrace, Notting Hill; Charles Stewart Drewry's is 77, Chancery Lane.
'77, Chancery Lane' is Charles' office. Two years later when he marries Laurentia, his address is given as Howland St, Fitzroy Square. Nine years earlier, the brothers Samuel and Henry Runciman Drewry and their sister Louisa are recorded as living in Howland St, Fitzroy Square.)
The will was proved by Richard Hardinge Stewart on 16/2/1833.