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Amelia Buschman

1803 - 1868

Life History

27th Aug, 1803

Born in Suriname.

18th Oct, 1868

Died in Kensington


In the Lutheran index of baptisms, Suriname:

21 Sept. 1803, Amalia Buschman, born 27 Aug.
Mother Majorin Elizabeth Bijval, who is also godmother.
No witnesses.

In the 1841 Census at Leyton Street, Lower Leyton, Essex

Buschman, Amelia35Ind.Not born in Essex
Blinkhorn, Camelia55F.S.Not born in Essex
Dodd, Catherine45F.S.Not born in Essex
Ford, Thomas40M.S.b. Essex

In the 1851 census, Amelia Buschman (48, born in 'Surinam West Indies') is recorded in the household of her sister Laurentia and Charles Stewart Drewry.

In the 1861 census, Amelia is living in the household of Richard and Sarah Lane in Lindfield, Sussex:

Amelia Buschman57Governessb. 'Surinam', United States (!)

Amelia Buschman died, aged 65, in Kensington, in 1868.

Amelia's Death reported in The Morning Post on 21st October, 1868

Amelia Buschman's Obituary


Deaths Dec 1868, Buschman Amelia, 65, Kensington, 1a 6