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William Lovelady

about 1830 - 1897

Life History

about 1830

Born in Ince Blundell, Lancashire.


Married Mary Morley?


In the 1851 census at Village, Great Crosby

Margaret AltyHead Wid 40Flour Dealer & Bread Bakerb. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Ann AltyDaughter 11Scholarb. Aughton Lancashire
Ellen AltyDaughter 9Scholarb. Aughton Lancashire
Peter AltySon 7Scholarb. Great Crosby Lancashire
John AltySon 5Scholarb. Great Crosby Lancashire
William LoveladyServant Unm20Bread Bakerb. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Ann AltyServant 19House Servantb. Aughton Lancashire

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? Marriage: Dec 1860, Lovelady, William, W Derby, 8b, 763
? Marriage: Dec 1860, Morley, Mary, W Derby, 8b, 763

In the 1861 census at Address: 38, China Street, Everton, Liverpool

Robert SeddonHead Mar49Bread Shopmanb. Sefton Lancashire
Ann SeddonWife Mar39b. Sefton Lancashire
Mary SeddonDaughter 3Scholarb. Liverpool Lancashire
William LoveladyBoarder Mar30Cotton Porterb. Sefton Lancashire
Mary LoveladyBoarder Mar37Dressmakerb. Sefton Lancashire

In the 1871 census at Litherland, Road Bootle

William LoveladyHead 39Porterb. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Mary LoveladyWife 47Greengrocerb. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Margaret MarleyNiece 19Assistantb. Ince Blundell Lancashire

In the 1881 census at 99, Merton Rd, Bootle Cum Linacre

William LoveladyHead Mar49Cotton Porterb. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Mary LoveladyWife Mar56
John HallLodger Mar27Joinerb. Westmorland
Ann HallLodger Mar24b. Ireland

In the 1891 census at 81, Litherland Road, Bootle Cum Linacre, Bootle

William LoveladyHead Mar60Lamplighterb. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Mary LoveladyWife Mar67b. Ince Blundell Lancashire
Elizabeth CanauhBoarder Wid 74

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Probable Death: Dec 1897, Lovelady, William, 66, W. Derby 8b 358