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Thomas Allen Drewry

4th Mar 1804 - 1833

Life History

4th Mar 1804

Born in Harlesden

4th Jun 1804

Baptised in St Mary's Willesden


Died in Grove Street, London


Thomas's details were found in the church records of St Mary's, Willesden in the london Metropolitan Archives. Curiously, only his name appears. All the other records on the page are in the format: "Child's forename and surname, son/daughter of father's name and mother's name".
Thomas Allen's entry shows neither mother or father - just the name Thomas Allen Drewry.
Was his mother too sick to attend the baptism, was his father abroad?

Thomas was named for Thomas Allen, step-father of his mother Ann.
Thomas Allen was a witness at the marriage of Samuel and Ann.

In the church records of St Mary's, the burial of 'Ann Drewry', aged 38, is recorded for the 10th October 1804. Thomas's mother probably died from childbirth complications.
Samuel's marriage to Mary Ann Stewart occurred quite soon after Ann's death. (He would have needed someone to look after his young chidren.)

Thomas Allen's burial entry Samuel Drewry includes Thomas Allen in his will. He appears to list his sons in order of birth, and the date found for Thomas's birth fits with that order. William Tillotson does not mention Thomas in his will. Thomas Allen died in 1833. He was buried on the 31st August, at at St Pancras, Camden. His burial record gives his age as 28, and his abode as Grove Street.

Catherine Stewart's burial entry Catherine Stewart (Cosmas Stewart's widow) appears in the same church records, buried earlier in 1833, also recorded as having lived in Grove Street.

The death entry for Catherine is among a number of others who died in Grove Street and are buried on the same day. These entries are followed by a number of others buried on the same day and who died in the cholera hospital.

Caroline Stewart, Catherine's daughter-in-law also died in Grove Street in 1833.

There was an outbreak of cholera in London in 1832. It is possible that Catherine, Caroline and Thomas all died in that epidemic.

It is likely that Catherine was staying with her son and daughter-in-law. It is also quite possible that Thomas was staying with them in Grove Street.

On Cathe's death, Thomas's brothers, Henry Runciman and Charles Stewart, appear personally to testify that they knew and were "well acquainted with her and her handwriting etc. having seen her many times sign her name etc."