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Maria Ann Drewry

1795 - 1876


Life History

8th Oct 1795

Born in Witham, Essex.

7th Oct 1835

Married Peter Painter.

14th Jan1876

Died in Rye.


Maria, wedding The marriage of Maria Ann Drewry to Peter Painter, 1835, took place at St Pancras.

The witnesses were:

Henry R Drewry (uncle)
Elizabeth E Robe (daughter of the Robe mentioned in the letter that her father sent to her brother Samuel in 1815.)
James Painter (brother-in-law)

Maria had been a witness to the marriage of her younger sister, Louisa, to James Painter in 1824.

In the 1841 census in 'Castle Office', Mereworth, Kent Mereworth_Castle.jpg

Peter, 59, is a steward on the estate in Mereworth (pronounced Merryworth), in Kent. The picture of Mereworth Castle on the right is borrowed from Wikipedia.
("In 1801 Mereworth's total population was 597. In 1901 it was 727.")

In the census:
Maria is shown as aged 45.
Wm. Houghton, 50, steward, is also in 'Castle Office'
and perhaps others on the next page of the census.

In the 1851 census at Lime Court, Beckley

Peter Painter62Landed Proprietorb. Scotland
Mary A Painter55Landed Proprietor's Wifeb. Essex, Wickham
Harriet Bates18House Servant

Lime Court, in Beckley Sussex, is a listed Grade 2 building and still exists. It can be seen in Google Street View.

In the 1861 census at Lime Court, Beckley

Mary A PainterHead65Retired Lady
Henry Wickes(?)Servant64(?)Useful Person
Joan OliverServant20House Servant

In the 1871 census at 'Private House', Beckley, Chichester

Maria PainterHeadWidow75Independantb. Essex, Witham
Eliza SmithServantUnm21 b. London
George ButlerServantUnm21Groom and Gardenerb. Sussex, Rye


Maria Ann Painter - Probate

From FreeBMD

Death: Mar 1876; Painter, Maria Ann, 80, Rye, 2b 5

Burial Inscriptions, All Saints Church, Beckley, Sussex


From the Kentish Gazette 9th August, 1836 when Peter was Steward on the Mereworth Estate.


From the Morning Chronicle, November, 1856 Death announcement