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Margaret S Knight

21st Nov 1912 - 2003

Life History

21st Nov 1912

Born in Brentford, Middlesex.

6th Oct 1940

Married Graham Harkness-Lait.


Also known as Peggy

In 1925, 'The West London Observer' records the participation of Margaret, her sisters Phyllis and Decima and their cousin June Story in a display of dancing put on by their ballet school at the Hammersmith Town Hall.


In the National Register of September 29th, 1939, four people are shown living at 131 Castelnau, Barnes:

Annie I. Knight, aged 59; Unpaid domestic duties
Margaret S. Lait, 27; Bank Clerk
and two others whose details are hidden (probably because they might still be alive when the records were released. Possibly Annie’s 2 other daughters, Phyllis and Decima).

Margaret's grandmother and an aunt are at this time living at 120 Castelnau - just across the road.

Interestingly Margaret is entered in the record as 'Margaret S. Knight' with the surname later changed to 'Lait' - probably when she married in 1940.

Peggy/Margaret and Graham had a daughter and a son.

From FreeBMD

Birth: Mar 1913, Knight, Margaret, mother: Drewry, Brentford, 3a 353
Marriage: Dec 1940, Knight Margaret S, spouse: Lait, Surrey N.E., 2a 5

From Scotspeople

Death: 2003, Margaret Stewart Harkness-Lait, Knight, 90, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, 644/00 0384