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Dorothy Winifred M Drewry

Dorrie, 1925

1911 -

Life History

7 April 1911

Born in Beckenham.


Married Ernst Frey.



Birth Jun 1911, Drewry, Dorothy W M, Bromley, 2a 561

But where does the 'M' come from in the above record?

In her father Vince's army record below, only two names are given.

Vince_War_Record_18.jpg Dorrie,  1930, click for larger picture

In the National Register of September 29th, 1939, Dorothy W. M. Drewry, a clerk in the Bank of England, is recorded living at the 'The Mews', Church Street , Kingsclere and Whitchurch Registration District, Hampshire - with at least 45 other female Bank of England clerks.

Drewry Family, 1925, click for larger picture