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John Formby

1803 - 1874

Life History

30th Nov 1803

Born in Great Crosby, Lancs.

21st Feb 1825

Married Catherine Bradley in Childwall, Lancashire

15th Mar 1831

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Formby in Gt. Crosby, Lancs.


Wheelwright. (From daughter Elizabeth's marriage cerificate)


1. John Formby
Birth: 30 NOV 1803, Great Crosby, Little Crosby [sic], Lancashire, England
Father: John Formby
Mother: Mrs. Catharine Formby

2. John Formby
Marriage: 21 FEB 1825, Childwall, Lancashire, England

3. Husband John Formby
Wife: Mrs. Catherine Formby
1. Richard Formby - Birth: 28 SEP 1825, Great Crosby, Lancashire
Christening: 29 SEP 1825, Little Crosby, Lancashire
2. James Formby - Birth: 09 JUN 1827, Great Crosby, Lancashire
Christening: 09 JUL 1827, Little Crosby, Lancashire
3. George Formby - Birth: 16 JUL 1829, Great Crosby, Lancashire
Christening: 19 JUL 1829, Little Crosby, Lancashire
4. Elizabeth Formby - Birth: 15 MAY 1831, Great Crosby, Lancashire
Christening: 18 MAY 1831, Little Crosby, Lancashire

From freeBMD:

Death: Mar 1874, FORMBY, John, 72, W. Derby 8b 367


In the 1851 census at Islington, Great Crosby

John FormbyHeadWidower48Formerly Whealwrightb. Little Crosby, Lancs.

Also in the 1851 census at Islington, Great Crosby (2 doors down)

James FormbyHeadMar.33Wheel Wrightb. Great Crosby, Lancs.
Maria FormbyWifeMar.36 b. Wales
Anne FormbyDaughter10Scholar b. Great Crosby, Lancs.
Thomas FormbySon8Scholar b. Great Crosby, Lancs.
Mary FormbyDaughter3 b. Great Crosby, Lancs.
Robert FormbySon1 b. Great Crosby, Lancs.

In the 1861 census at Islington, Great Crosby, in the 'List of Persons Not in Houses' (marked as 'Shed'):

John FormbyHeadWidower58Wheelwrightb. Hightown (Little Crosby), Lancs.

In the 1871 census at Liverpool Road Moor Lane (George Hotel), Great Crosby:

Lawrence LuptonHeadMar.28Innkeeperb. Sefton, Lancs.
Sarah LuptonWifeMar.32b. Lancs., Waterloo
Joseph WrightSon 7Scholarb. Lancs., Gt. Crosby
Margaret WrightDaughter5Scholarb. Lancs., Gt. Crosby
Mary LuptonDaughter0b. Lancs., Gt. Crosby
Ellen RimmerServantUnm.34General Servant, Domesticb. Lancs., Little Crosby
Elizabeth E BallNieceUnm.16Nurseb. Lancs.
Mary J BatesServantUnm.16 Domestic Servantb. Lancs.
Stephen RobertsServantUnm.24Car Driverb. Cumberland, Egremont
John FormbyServantWidower70Wheelwrightb. Lancs., Great Crosby

It is interesting to note the names of the children above.