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Henry Wharton

about 1817 - 1891

Life History

about 1817

Born in Little Crosby.

13th Feb 1817

Baptised in Little Crosby.


Married Mary Heptonstall.


From Little Crosby Baptism Records :

1817, Feb-13, Henry; Parents: Henry & Mary Wharton;
Sponsors: Joseph Simpson & Mary Taylor

In the 1851 Census, in The Village, Little Crosby:

Henry WhartonHeadM34Wheelwrightb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary WhartonWifeM32b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Jane WhartonDau5Scholarb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
William WhartonSon7 mthsb. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1881 Census, in The Village, Little Crosby:

Henry WhartonHeadM65Wheelwrightb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary WhartonWifeM62b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Jane WhartonDauU35Dressmakerb. Ince Blundell, Lancashire
William WhartonSonU31Bricklayerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Catherine WhartonDauU24Dressmakerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Henry WhartonSonU22Joinerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire

From freeBMD

Marriage: Sep 1844, Heptonstall, Mary, Wt Derby 20 883
Marriage: Sep 1844, Wharton, Henry, Wt Derby 20 883

From Little Crosby Marriage Records:

1844, Sep-08, Groom: Henry Wharton; Bride: Mary Heptonstall
Witnesses: J. Heptonstall & Jane Rowe

Text from headstone:

In affectionate Remembrance
Henry aged 6 (this number is very disfigured) years.
Thomas aged 3 (this number is very disfigured) years.
The beloved children of Henry and Mary Wharton.
"Suffer little children to come unto me"
St Math C19. V14
Of your charity pray for the soul of
the above Henry Wharton who died
May 20th (or 28th) 1891. aged 75 years.
On whos soul sweet Jesus have mercy
Also of Mary beloved wife of the above,
Who died 11th April 1891 aged 75 years.
Also of William son of the above,
who died 20th February 1907 (or 87 or 67) aged 57 years.
Also of Elizabeth wife of the above William,
Who died 20th (very poor engraving possibly 193_?) aged 75 years.

Mary Heptonstall

From IGI

1. Mary Heptonstall
Birth: 1818, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Marriage: 08 SEP 1844, St Mary's, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Spouse: Henry Wharton

2. Mary Heptonstall
Birth: 1818, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Father: William Heptonstall
Mother: Mary

In the 1841 Census, in The Village, Little Crosby:

Ann Heptonstall25Farmer
Jane Heptonstall25
Mary Heptonstall20
Thomas Heptonstall20Ag Lab

It looks like Mary is living with her brother and older sisters. Her parents are elsewhere or dead.
There are two other Heptonstalls in the 1841 census: Joseph , aged 15, recorded in the house of Henry Latham; and James, also 15, recorded in the same house as Margaret Massam (20) and Alice Leatherbarrow (15).