Harry Leatherbarrow Sammy Leatherbarrow Mini tree diagram

Margaret A. Leatherbarrow

1892 - 28th Apr 1960

Life History




Married Harry Leatherbarrow


Birth of son Sammy Leatherbarrow

25th Sep 1958

Death of Harry Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby.

28th Apr 1960

Died in Little Crosby.


From freeBMD

Birth: Jun 1892, Leatherbarrow, Margaret, W. Derby 8b 497
Marriage: Sep 1918, Leatherbarrow, Henry, m. Leatherbarrow, W. Derby 8b 846
Marriage: Sep 1918, Leatherbarrow, Margaret A, m. Leatherbarrow, W. Derby 8b 846

Inscription taken from grave headstone at St Mary's Little Crosby:

"Pray for the soul of Henry Leatherbarrow who died 25th September 1958 aged 62 years
Our lady of Fatima pray for him
also Margaret, nee Leatherbarrow beloved wife of the above who died 28th April 1960 aged 67 years
also their son Henry Leatherbarrow (Sammy) beloved husband of Catherine  who died 23rd August 1970 aged 51 years

Margaret's Parents

Without obtaining the marriage certificate, we cannot say precisely who Margaret's parents are.
Based on the age on the tombstone, Margaret's birth should be between 29th April 1872 and 28th April 1873.
In freeBMD there is one entry which fits with this:

Birth: Jun 1892, Leatherbarrow, Margaret, W. Derby 8b 497

Given this birth date, Margaret would be 26 when she marrried.

In freeBMD there are two other entries which do not fit with the date of death but could conceivably be this Margaret. One is for the sister of her husband Harry, and can be discounted. (There is no rumour of any sort within the family to suggest any irregularity in the marriage). The entries are:

Birth: Jun 1891, Leatherbarrow, Margaret, W. Derby 8b 502
Birth: Jun 1891, Leatherbarrow, Margaret, W. Derby 8b 499

Another entry was found in FindMyPast:

Birth: Mar 1891, Leatherbarrow, Maggie Ann, Ormskirk 8b 810

There are no entries for a birth or christening in IGI.

There are two 1901 census entries that correspond to an 1892 birth date:

(1) In 1901 at 3, Sephton St, Newton nr Makerfield. About 20 miles east from Little Crosby

Abraham LeatherbarrowHead33Colliery Below Ground labourerb. Haydock, Lancs
Margaret LeatherbarrowWife32b. Haydock, Lancs
James LeatherbarrowSon12b. Earlestown, Lancs
Alice LeatherbarrowDaur10b. Earlestown, Lancs
Abraham LeatherbarrowSon8b. Earlestown, Lancs
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur7b. Earlestown, Lancs
Thomas LeatherbarrowSon6b. Earlestown, Lancs

In 1911, the same family at 47 Birch Street Earlestown Newton - Le - Willows.

Abram LeatherbarrowHeadM43Miner Contractorb. Haydock Lancs
Mary Ann LeatherbarrowWifeM42b. Haydock Lancs
James LeatherbarrowSonS22Miner Contractor Below Groundb. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Maggie LeatherbarrowDaurS17b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Abram LeatherbarrowSonS18Miner Contractor Below Ground b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Thomas LeatherbarrowSonS16Miner Haulage Below Ground b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
John LeatherbarrowSon14Miner Haulage Below Ground b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
William LeatherbarrowSon12b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Joseph LeatherbarrowSon10b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Ellen LeatherbarrowDaur8b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Mary LeatherbarrowDaur6b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
Winnie LeatherbarrowDaur3b. Newton Le Willows Lancs
May LeatherbarrowDaur2b. Newton Le Willows Lancs

(2) In 1901 at 1, Bellisnis Court, Great Crosby

Henry LeatherbarrowHead37General Labourerb. Great Crosby, Lancs
Jane LeatherbarrowWife34b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Robert LeatherbarrowSon12b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Henry LeatherbarrowSon11b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowDaur10b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur8b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Winifred LeatherbarrowDaur6b. Great Crosby, Lancs
James LeatherbarrowSon5b. Great Crosby, Lancs

In 1911 the same family at 28, Coronation Road, Great Crosby.
Unfortunately Margaret's age and position in the family has changed.

Henry LeatherbarrowHead49U. D. Council Workerb. Great Crosby, Lancs
Jane LeatherbarrowWife44b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Robert LeatherbarrowSon22Labourer U. D. Councilb. Great Crosby, Lancs
Henry LeatherbarrowSon21Labourer Contractorb. Great Crosby, Lancs
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur21House Servant (Domestic)b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowDaur19House Servant (Domestic)b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Winefride LeatherbarrowDaur16House Servant (Domestic)b. Great Crosby, Lancs
James LeatherbarrowSon15b. Great Crosby, Lancs

In 1891 the same family at 17, York Road, Great Crosby.
It seems that the 1901 census was in error. Elizabeth's and Margaret's ages were transposed.
In this census there is no Elizabeth.

Henry LeatherbarrowHead29Local Board Labourerb. Great Crosby, Lancs
Jane LeatherbarrowWife24b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Robert LeatherbarrowSon32b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Henry LeatherbarrowSon1b. Great Crosby, Lancs
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur1mob. Great Crosby, Lancs

Margaret Ann Leatherbarrow (b. 1891)

This Margaret is a good candidate in that she is actually named Margaret Ann in the censuses.

In 1891 in a Cheapside Cottage, Formby.

Joseph LeatherbarrowHead29Agricultural Labourerb. Ince Blundell, Lancs
Alice LeatherbarrowWife21b. Liverpool, Lancs
Jane LeatherbarrowDaur3b. Freshfield, Lancs
Margaret A LeatherbarrowDaur1mob. Formby, Lancs

In 1901 at 12, New Road, Formby.

Alice LeatherbarrowWife32Head awayb. Seaforth, Lancs
Margaret LeatherbarrowDaur10b. Formby, Lancs
Nellie LeatherbarrowDaur7b. Hightown, Lancs
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowDaur4b. Ince Blundell, Lancs

In 1911 at 12, New Road, Freshfield.

Joseph LeatherbarrowHead51Water Course Manb. Ince Blundell, Lancs
Alice LeatherbarrowWife49?House Keeperb. Liverpool, Lancs
Margaret A LeatherbarrowDaur20General Servant (Domestic)b. Formby, Lancs
Nellie LeatherbarrowDaur17Mother's helpb. Hightown, Lancs
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowDaur14School Girlb. Ince Blundell, Lancs
Robert LeatherbarrowSon8School Boyb. Freshfield, Lancs
Alice LeatherbarrowDaur3Babyb. Freshfield, Lancs