William Leatherbarrow Thomas Leatherbarrow Mary Leatherbarrow Catherine Leatherbarrow Catherine Leatherbarrow Ann Teresa Leatherbarrow Alice Leatherbarrow William Leatherbarrow Joseph Leatherbarrow Elizabeth Massam William Leatherbarrow Mary Leatherbarrow Alice Leatherbarrow Margaret Leatherbarrow Mary Mini tree diagram

Edward Leatherbarrow

1814 - Apr 1873

Life History


Born in Little Crosby

23rd Nov 1814

Baptised in Little Crosby


Birth of son Thomas Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby

23rd Jun 1838

Married Elizabeth Massam in Little Crosby


Birth of daughter Mary Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby


Birth of daughter Catherine Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby


Death of daughter Catherine Leatherbarrow


Birth of daughter Catherine Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby


Birth of daughter Ann Teresa Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby


Birth of daughter Alice Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby


Birth of son William Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby


Birth of son Joseph Leatherbarrow in Little Crosby

Apr 1873



From Little Crosby Baptism Records:

1814, Nov-23, Edward; Parents: William & Mary Leatherbarrow; living in Little Crosby
Sponsors: Richard Gilbertson & Hales Smith

In the 1841 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby.

Ann Latham65 Farmerb. Lancashire
Peter Latham25 b. Lancashire
Thos Tickle20 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Betsy Tickle20 b. Lancashire
Joseph Orme20 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Ruth Orme20
James Smith20 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Ralph Hait25 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Jon Westhead15 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Thos Rimmer15 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Ed Leatherbarrow 25 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Betty Leatherbarrow25 b. Lancashire
Thos Leatherbarrow2 b. Lancashire
Mary Leatherbarrow9 mths b. Lancashire
Ellis Pickerbanks60 Ag Labb. Lancashire
Alice Pickerbanks55 b. Lancashire

In the 1851 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby.

Edward LeatherbarrowHead36Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowWife38b. Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowDaug10Scholarb. Little Crosby
Catherine LeatherbarrowDaug4Scholarb. Little Crosby
Ann LeatherbarrowDaug2b. Little Crosby

In the 1861 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby.

Ed Leatherbarrow45Carter
Elizth Leatherbarrow47Wife
Cath Leatherbarrow15Scholar
Ann Leatherbarrow11Scholar
Wm Leatherbarrow7Scholar
Joseph Leatherbarrow4Scholar

In the 1871 census, in 'The Village', Little Crosby.

Edward LeatherbarrowHead56Ag. Lab.
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowWife58
Catharine LeatherbarrowDaur25Charwoman
Ann T. LeatherbarrowDaur22Dressmaker
Alice LeatherbarrowDaur19General Serv. (out of employ)
Joshy LeatherbarrowSon14Ag. Lab.

From freeBMD

Marriage: Jun 1838, LEATHERBARROW, Edward, West Derby 20 691
Marriage: Jun 1838, MASSAM, Elizabeth, West Derby 20 691

Death: Jun 1873 Leatherbarrow, Edward, 59, W. Derby, 8b, 316