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Catherine Swayne Cooper

Catherine's signature

1845 - 1927

Life History

about 1845

Born in Wincanton, Somerset.


Married Henry Stewart Drewry in Wincanton, Somerset.


Birth of daughter Evelyn Buckingham Drewry in Hampstead.


Birth of son Arthur Stewart Drewry in Hampstead.


Birth of son Henry Swayne Drewry in Hampstead.


Birth of daughter Catherine Louisa Drewry in Hampstead.


Birth of daughter Marion Florence Drewry in Hampstead.


Birth of daughter Margaret Stewart Drewry in Hampstead.


The Swayne Connection?

A Lt Col H Swayne served in Madras at the same time as William Tillotson Drewry (Catherine's husband's uncle).

1851 Census - South Street, Wincanton:

Edward Y CooperHead42Attorney at Lawb. Salisbury, Wiltshire
Catherine E CooperWife38b. Wilton, Wiltshire
Mary F CooperDaughter7Scholarb. Wincanton, Somerset
Catherine S CooperDaughter6Scholarb. Wincanton, Somerset
George H CooperSon4Scholarb. Wincanton, Somerset
Frances CooperDaughter2b. Wincanton, Somerset
Caroline CooperDaughter2 mthsb. Wincanton, Somerset
Jane PhrippServant33Cookb. Gillingham, Dorset

1861 Census - South Street, Wincanton:

Edward Y CooperHeadWid52 abt 1809 Solicitorb. Salisbury, Wiltshire
Mary F CooperDaughterUnm18b. Wincanton, Somerset
Catherine S CooperDaughterUnm16b. Wincanton, Somerset
Frances CooperDaughter12b. Wincanton, Somerset
Caroline B CooperDaughter10b. Wincanton, Somerset


1891 Census - 25 Gaylon Road, St John, Hampstead

Catherine S DrewryHeadWid46Living on own meansb. Wincanton, Somerset
Evelyn B DrewryDaughterS19b. Hampstead, Middlesex
Arthur S DrewrySonS18Clerk in merchant's officeb. Hampstead, Middlesex
Henry S DrewrySonS18Field clerk in solicitor's officeb. Hampstead, Middlesex
Catherine L DrewryDaughterS15b. Hampstead, Middlesex
Marian F DrewryDaughterS13b. Hampstead, Middlesex
Margaret S DrewryDaughterS10b. Hampstead, Middlesex
Caroline B WybrantSisterWid40Living on own meansb. Wincanton, Somerset
Elizabeth YardServantS32Cook, domestic servantb. Wilton, Wiltshire
Hannah RossinghamServantS 18Parlour maid, domestic servantb. Oundle, Northamptonshire

1901 Census - 25 Gaylon Road, St John, Hampstead

Catherine Swayne DrewryHeadWid56b. Wincanton, Somerset
Evelyn B DrewryDaughterS29b. Hampstead, London
Arthur S DrewrySonS28Clerk (Advertising agency)b. Hampstead, London
Henry S DrewrySonS28Solicitor-managing Clerkb. Hampstead, London
Catherine S DrewryDaughterS25b. Hampstead, London
Marian F DrewryDaughterS23b. Hampstead, London
Margaret D DrewryDaughterS20b. Hampstead, London
Elizabeth FordServantS42Cook (Dom)b. Wilton, Wiltshire
Esther ClevelandServantS18Housemaid (Dom)b. Corough, Suffolk

1911 Census - 3, Windmill Hill, Hampstead

Catherine Swayne DrewryHead66WidPrivate means
Evelyn Buckingham DrewryDaughter39S
Arthur Stewart DrewrySon38S Private Secretary
Henry Swayne DrewrySon38S Solicitor
Catherine Louisa DrewryDaughter35S
Marian Florence DrewryDaughter33S
Margaret Stewart DrewryDaughter30S
Elizabeth FordServant52S

In The Times, 15th July, 1927:



Probate of Catherine Swayne Drewry

Catherine Swayne Drewry - Probate

George Henry Cooper (brother)

"George Henry Cooper was a sporting all-rounder. He was founder President of Wincanton Cricket Club, was involved in the early days of steeple-chasing at Wincanton, played tennis, thought nothing of riding his racing cycle to Yeovil and back and went either hunting, shooting or fishing almost daily, but above all, he was a methodical diarist who recorded his energetic and colourful life in minute daily detail. ... Born in 1846 in Lovington, near Wincanton, Somerset, Cooper was the son of solicitor Edward Yalden Cooper, who had a practice in both Wincanton and Salisbury, and Elizabeth Cooper (née Swayne) of The Island House, Wilton. .. he entered his father's practice in South Street, Wincanton .."


Marriage: Sep 1865, Cooper Catherine Swayne, Wincanton 5c 854
Marriage: Sep 1865, Drewry Henry Stewart, Wincanton 5c 854

Birth: Jun 1871, Drewry Evelyn Buckingham, Hampstead 1a 594
Birth: Dec 1872, Drewry Arthur Stewart, Hampstead 1a 595
Birth: Dec 1872, Drewry Henry Swayne, Hampstead 1a 595
Birth: Sep 1875, Drewry Catherine Louisa, Hampstead 1a 614
Birth: Sep 1877, Drewry Marion Florence, Hampstead 1a 637
Birth: Sep 1880, Drewry Margaret Stewart, Hampstead 1a 645
Death: Sep 1927, Drewry Catherine S, 82, Hampstead 1a 508