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Louisa Drewry

Louisa's signature in the 1911 census

1834 - 1916

Life History

24th August 1834

Born in Middlesex.


Died in Middlesex.



See also notes in Ellen Buckingham Drewry's page.

LouisaDrewryCourse2.jpg An 1862 advertisement in 'The Saturday review of politics, literature, science and art', one of a number that appeared in various journals.

Louisa was a 'liberal feminist'

Louisa_Drewry_WorkingWomensCollege1864.jpg In 1864, with her sister Ellen, Louisa was a founding member of The Working Women's College.

Also In 1864, Ellen and Louisa put their names to the'University Local Examinations Memorial' - presented to the University of Cambridge Vice Chancellor to allow girls to sit exams - passed by a narow majority in the Senate in 1865.
[ref. and see 'Emily Davies letter' below]

In 1866 Ellen and Louisa were signatories of the first mass women's suffrage petition - presented by John Stuart Mill MP to the House of Commons on 7 June 1866.

LouisaDrewryCourses.jpg In an advert in in the 'Pall Mall Gazette', Oct 1868, Louisa, aged 34, describes herself as a Professor of History and offers private tuition at 15, King Henry’s Road down the road from her family home.

In an advert in 'The Examiner' in Sept 1870, Louisa offers private courses in History and English, in the family home.

In the 1871 census, Louisa, (aged 36), is recorded as 'Professor of History, English Law & Literature'.
In the 1881 census, Louisa, (aged 46), is recorded as 'Professor of English Language'.

Louisa was a member of the London Browning Society

Louisa_Drewry_BrowningSociety.jpg From 'Our Corner'. 1883, edited by Annie Besant
(found in books.google.com - Snippet view)

"Miss Louisa Drewry has a clear voice, and manages it admirably. But, putting to one side other objections that are to my mind fundamental to this amiable lady's reading in public, she committed the blunder in art of reading a man's poem ..."

Louisa_Drewry_BrowningSociety2.jpg From Interrogating the oracle: a history of the London Browning Society
(found in books.google.com - Snippet view)

In The Spectator: Volume 94, 1905.

"Miss Louisa Drewry hopes to give some readings from the English poets in May and June. She gives Lectures, Headings, and Lessons as usual; examines; and helps Students by letter and in her Reading Society. - 143 King Henry's Road, ..."

Louisa was still advertising her classes when she was 82, in 1916, the year of her death.

WaltWhitman.jpg Correspondence with Walt Whitman


In the 1901 Census at 143, King Henry's Road

Ellen B DrewryHead65Living on Own Meansb. London, Middlesex
Louisa Drewry Sister66Visiting Teacher own accountb. London, Middlesex
Ann NortonBoarder64Retired School-mistressb. London, Middlesex
Maria ZimmermannVisitor40Teacherb. Germany, Foreign subject.
Louisa ChapmanServ24Cook Housekeeperb. Devon Sutcombe
Charlotte GoddardServ19Parlourmaid Domesticb. Kent Eastling

In the 1911 Census - 143 King Henry's Road, Hampstead

Louisa DrewryHead76SingleTeacher and Private meansb. Notting Hill, London
Ann NortonBoarder74SinglePrivate meansb. Islington
George Edwin WhitleyBoarder45Married Handymanb. Lambeth
Elizabeth WhitleyServant47Married 14 House Parlour maid Domesticb. Ashdon, Cambs
Florence Amy WhitleyServant47SingleCookb. Lambeth
Hilda Gertrude Whitley12ScholarDaughter of Mr & Mrs Whitleyb. Brixton

Links in Google books - but books unavailable:

'The Journal of Education', Page 437, Education - 1916 (Death announcement)
"On July 16, at 143 King Henry's Road, South Hampstead, LOVISA, elder daughter of the late Henry R. Drewry, in her 82nd year."

'The spectator, 1917', Page 437, Education - 1916
"Books: The Library of the late Miss Louisa Drewry, 2000 Volumes, will be Sold By Auction, following the sale of the Furniture in the premises 143 King Henry's Road, South Hampstead, on Wednesday, September 17th, at 4 o'clock"


There is a book in Google Books: In Memoriam Louisa Drewry by A. Norton, 1916. (Presumably the Ann Norton recorded in the 1901 and 1911 censuses above)


Louisa was still living at 143, King Henry's Road, at her death in 1916.
The house still exists, and in 2008 was valued at £1.3 million.


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Death: Sep 1916, Drewry Louisa, 81, Hampstead 1a 577


Emily Davies mentioned the Drewry girls in a letter to Barbara Bodichon in 1862. (right)

See also snippets from Elizabeth Garrett's letters to to Emily Davies - in Ellen Drewry's page.

Apparently, Elizabeth disapproved of the way the Drewrys dressed (and other menbers of the suffrage social circle saw them as a bit too radical!)