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Virginia Sappho Buckingham

about 1809 - 1878

Life History

about 1809

Born in Falmouth, Cornwall.

10th Oct 1831

Married Henry Runciman Drewry in Saint James, Westminster, London.

15th July 1833

Birth of son Henry Stewart Drewry in Middlesex.

24th Aug 1834

Birth of daughter Louisa Drewry in Middlesex.

18th Feb 1836

Birth of daughter Ellen Buckingham Drewry in Middlesex.

24th June, 1878

Died in London Middlesex.


Virginia was one of the 1500 women who put their names to the 1866 Petition for Women's suffrage.

A Google search gives a page description with the title "RootsWeb: BUCKINGHAM-L Re: James Silk BUCKINGHAM 1786-1855" and a description: "Virginia Sappho born c. 1809, married 1831 at Westminster, London, to Henry Runciman Drewry"  the RootsWeb page confirms James Silk B. as her father.

IGI records also have a Virgina Sopphe Buckingham christened 04 Aug 1817 in Mylor, Cornwall, England. The parents' names are given as James and Elizabeth Buckingham.

From Kath Williams

Mylor prarish church, Cornwall, baptisms (from LDS microfilm no. 1596064):
4 August 1817 - "Virginia Sappho, daughter of James and Elizabeth Buckingham of Flushing, Merchant". A note in the left margin - "being at time of baptism nine years".
Note: three babies were baptised that day, Virginia, her brother James Alexander Silk Buckingham, and their cousin, Jane Millar (daughter of Mary Buckingham and John Millar, Master Mariner).

In the 'Autobiography of James Silk Buckingham, vol. 2', he mentions his daughter Virginia as 'nearly four' in late 1812.

The Marriage of Virginia and Henry Runciman Drewry


In the Saint James, Westminster, Marriage Records.

The witnesses are:

J. S. Buckingham, and
Alice ? Alder

J. S. Buckingham must be Virginia's brother.

Alice Alder will be a relative (cousin?) of Henry's, on his mother's side.

Virginia's Death reported in The London Evening Standard on 28th June, 1878

Viginia Sappho's Obituary

Other Children:

Stewart Buckingham Drewry
born 4th August, 1832; baptised 13th September, 1832 and died 13th October, 1832.



Arthur de Quincey Drewry
Born July 1837; Died 25th August, 1838.

In The Times, 28th August, 1838: