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Joseph B. Lupton

1924 - 1946

Life History




Died in Karachi.


On his gravestone, in St. Marys, Little Crosby he is:

Of your charity
pray for the soul of
Thomas Lupton
who died 1st November 1945
aged 62 years
also signlmn Joseph B. Lupton R.C. signls
second Indian airborne division
killed in Karachi April 19th 1946
aged 21 years
eternal rest grant to them O Lord
also Catherine Lupton
beloved wife of the above
died 25th September 1960
aged 74 years
also George Joseph Lupton
died 29th Jan 1990, aged 75 years

In a family tree provided to Mary (Vose) Drewry, his birth date is given as 1924, and his death as 1944, in Singapore.
He is buried in the same grave as Thomas, Catherine, and George Joseph Lupton, whose ages and dates fit with those in the tree.